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(dE) Delinquents

Welcome to The Hot Chick's Clan Thread.

We are a group of sexy rebels that will scale anything that gets in the way of us, we will beat, kill, murder and slaughter anyone who tries to stop us...
Try your luck. Hahaha.

Do not get on our bad side, if you're cool to us, we're cool to you, End of story.
If you show saltiness, toxicity or anything that makes you look untrustworthy, YOU ARE A RIVAL.
We're really cool dudes and gals once you get to know us, just don't be too kind because that kinda just defeats the point ;)
(If you are really sexy you get insta respect so just be sexy and you might get accepted into the clan)

Zeus, Yes just Zeus. (The man's forreal a god tho)

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why dE instead of De?
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Y'all like beans?

everyone likes beans buddy.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for improvement on our clan/thread

try to get your member's to post here like they do on discord. once the members come together the whole clan will run it self.

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