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IRC Channel Multi-Join
So, the title pretty much says it all. This is just a small suggestion. You can either support it or not but that's all up to you.

I know that most of us, me included, use an IRC client of some sort instead of the web-based IRC but there are times when I actually use the web one when I'm not on my own personal computer. My suggestion is very simple.

I suggest that the text box in which a person types in the "#" and the channel name under the link "Join a chat" should be allowed to type in multiple channels and simultaneously join all of them without having to use the /join command.

Perhaps the channels that the user wants to join would separate them with a comma and a space like as follows:
#support, #toribash, #hi

It's not really a big deal, just a quick little thing I thought up. Not sure if anyone else posted about this but I think my idea could have some merit to it.
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It might be confusing for some new/desperate people on need to find help in the support channel. They doesn't even get it when you ask them to answer a query.
Also, you can always type /join #channel.
Oh, there is that function? Already? I was not aware. I tried to do the comma thing before. Also, the full screen is really helpful actually. Why isn't there a link on the forum for the IRC specifically in full screen?
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You can also activate autojoin if you use irc clients. Everytime you join irc.toribash you automatically join the clients you activated for autojoin.