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mod hotline
just today I encountered 2 players cheating in a tourney and in other rooms a I pmed a mod but as usual no reply so in thinking I wish there was a hotline to report people hacking or cheating by telling a mod and the mod is undercover and watches what happened.
Please be more detailed about your suggestions. I can't get your idea vividly. Gamemasters are always online 24/7 on the IRC. Perhaps not all of them but yes one takes the other's place. Simply connect to #support on IRC and problem solved. This seems more like a problem than a suggestion.
Hey frandavi,

The best way to report these cases is by opening up a thread in the Support sub-forum explaining what happened, and photo evidence to back it up.
Well if you go to the main forum page( )
and scroll down a bit past the russian section of the forums, you can see whos online.
Most people with a special colored name(Apart from gold, green and black) should be able to help you
the problem was it would not let me enter and alot of the mods are busy and need to help other people so I'm saying if there is something
going on in the tournies like people scamming or hacking trying to trade accounts there should be a more direct way of getting a mod to where this is happening and trying to ban people trying to ruin the game.
As cake said, connecting to the #support IRC and saying a name of a Gamemaster (Such as imapirate, Scorp, Risk (Those are the IRC names)) is the quickest way to sort these cases out. Basically, the #support IRC is a mod hotline, as you would call it.
ya but they are busy helping people it takes a while for them to respond back and by the time they reply the people who were cheating plus take a screenshot usually does not even help your case that's why I think there should be a IRC with mods that are waiting for a report to come in
If you would ever come to the support IRC, you would see that it is basically dead until someone comes. Dont worry, you will get help.

And you are suggestng basically the #support irc. Would that actually be the same? would they be, "busy" with other people?

I am not saying they are, but your suggestion kind of doesnt make sense.
you may not know what I have to go through before they listen plus have you ever seen a hacker or scamer maybe even people cheating if it takes this long for just one person to get help I can not imagine how it is when there are multiple people.the mods are busy and its hard to get to them so instead of bothering mods that are busy why not have a more direct line with more specifically.the direct line gives us a highway to this people in support are busy working people in #MODHOTLINE.
its so simple give me a real reason why this can happen you are only talking about #SUPPORT
you are not the only person with a opinion.