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I can see some of this idea having positive impacts on banned players, but I just can't seem them doing this without creating a new user group to moderate the new system or add to old position requirements.

Also a problem would be, what Tc would is used for the bail?

The account that is suspended has no access to its Tc, making it implied that the Tc of other players close to them, or that have a good regard of them will throw into the purse. What then happens when the person breaks their warrent creates all hell and then gets re banned, firstly theyve created more problems than if they'd stayed banned, and or the mods in charge of the system will have their ears chewed off to reimburse their Tc because the player is now banned again.
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I really see no reason to implement this. It seems like a waste of TC and time to me.

Staff generally doesn't throw around permas. They're for serious offenses. If you were to get perma'd, you probably really don't care about the game or its community anymore. On the off chance that you do really regret it, or you weren't at fault for what was committed, there's already two good options available:

1. Appeal to staff. This is really for when you're not at fault for whatever happened, but if you have some sort of really good explanation for why you did something and how you regret it, there's a chance that they might listen to you.

2. Make a new account. I know that if I was in this situation, it's what I would do. Anyone who did something stupid enough to get permabanned probably wouldn't want to maintain that past reputation if they return to the game.

Either way, this idea completely brushes over the purpose of a permaban: Permanently banning someone. Getting out of permanent exile by paying some ingame money and having a moderator assigned to babysit you really takes away from the weight of it.
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Hmm, this idea is kinda interesting to me 'cause when this account was first perma-banned I was willing to pay to get it unbanned again just because I didn't want to reset. But I just took a break and waited around 8 months before making an actual appeal. If your offence wasn't anything major, just take a break nd make an appeal later on. I recommend messaging KiTFox (he dealt with my appeal and let staff vote on it) if you are trying to get an account out of perma.
This is a good idea

The idea of giving permad players a 2nd chance. Even though this might not be the best way to do so, it's a start.

Overall i think staff should give permad players more leniency, but i guess thats just me.
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Permabans are only really doled out if a player is a past offender or made a single serious offense (which in most cases is fairly obviously an offense). Leniency really doesn't make sense for those scenarios.
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yeah I would like did I want my old account unbanned p;
waited 2 years before appealing and they still said no
it was a bad appeal but still :c

I think it would be better if you had to pay a certain amount of ACTUAL cash to hampa to get unpermad or have a community vote if you should be unbanned
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So after reading this I see a lot of potential in the idea unlike many others of you that have already shot it down saying it wouldn't work.

What I see here is another way that would be a very efficient way to sink tc. as the communities main way of doing this is either the shop (which doesn't get many customers) or a namechange (or any other thing on that crazy sinking thread) which not a large majority of people change their names.

Once someone would pay for there bail (which could come from an alt, a bank, or some friends) the tc would be sunk and the player would be unbanned or have their ban lowered (lowered being the better idea so anyone could pay for bail) so there could still be some punishment for their actions or they could buy themselves out of a 1 day ban. If that person decided to act up and break more rules during his probation he would just be banned on the spot and no tc would be refunded as the players own actions would be at fault.

Also the ability to get un-permabanned would have to rely on the players consequence, say if they player had a racist username then he could not get unbanned, but say it was for spamming hate speech in chat, there is the possibility that said player won't do that again while the racist username would automatically be in a bad position. What can and cannot be unbanned would all be up to staff discretion. Those that just pay for say a month ban to go away can always pay for their unban regardless of reason for the ban.

Now as to who would take the responsibility of running this fiasco would be up to the staff, it could be handed down to one of the already existing branches of staff. However not many people get banned (most are dumb alts people make) so it would be a very minimal job and could be taken on by one person.For example a new staff rank that could be called Warden or whatever would be the best name for said rank.

If this would be implemented it would get rid of a lot of tc related problems and only add a small drawback of having delinquents brought back into the game until they decide to get themselves banned again.

I fully support this idea and am ready to chat with anyone or any staff on how it could be implemented properly if the idea was accepted.
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I think it would be better if you had to pay a certain amount of ACTUAL cash to hampa to get unpermad or have a community vote if you should be unbanned

i'm not really a fan of popularity contests. if we permabanned someone with a lot of friends, they would be unbanned in less than a day. we would also get a lot of people giving their opinions on cases that they'd know nothing about. it would be a huge, annoying mess.

i don't like this idea at all. if you get permabanned, post an appeal and prove you are innocent or that you deserve another chance and your ban will be lifted. even ZT users get second chances if they stay clean after a while. now, if you did some terrible shit and can't even appeal your ban, paying to get unbanned sounds like an awful idea. it's just giving up on reason. why appeal if you can buy this nice get out of jail card?
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