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The process would be To get a certain amount of people to PAY FOR YOUR APPEAL. Next You are interviewed If you past those last 2 steps the next thing is you are unbanned, but YOU are placed on a watch list. BTW the huge idea behind this is sinking Tc , giving older players another chance. I understand there are Forbidden things a good example of something Forbidden would be scamming another player through real life currency.
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BTW the huge idea behind this is sinking Tc ,

There are surely endless ways to sink tc, nearly ALL of them are better than releasing permabanned user accounts back into the game. As far as I can tell, the TC sink is the only merit behind this idea - everything else will just cause endless issues.
If you read the Idea you will see that this enables permabans to come back in the game, giving a increase of players playing. Imagine you are 7th Dan and you do one dumb really thing, because of curiosity! Boom 2 yrs of work in the trash . I know for fact that I would quit playing the game as a whole, and I definitely wouldn't recommend the game to any of my friends. So there is also a marketing aspect to it too.No to even mention this is very small community, and we need every menber, we can get. The reason you probably have never seen this in other games, is because the community is so large, so who gives a damn if one player, and all his work go bye bye.This move will show how much the Toribash community cares, Also thank you for everyone who has supported this, and has given their opinions.
Most permabans (in fact, the large majority of them!) are in fact open to appeal - usually there will be some constrictions on when the user should attempt this appeal, often several months minimum. If, after this time, the user makes a sound appeal, the account may be unbanned, or some other condition will be set for the user to meet: 'play on an alt for X months without any incident and we'll consider unbanning this account'.

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The process would be [B]To get a certain amount of people to PAY FOR YOUR APPEAL.

Perhaps I'm misreading this - are you suggesting users would be UNABLE to appeal WITHOUT payment?
Because we don't need a tc sink and it's a complete waste to force people to pay when they can get out for free.
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I think that this is a very good idea,but if this is implemented into toribash how will the banned players learn their lesson?I get that they have to spend time off of toribash but once their banned why would they want to bother with getting back into the game just to be put on a watch list,people do not want to put so much work into something and not get anything out of it.In their case they don't want their freedom stripped away then come back and be watched. Over all you have a pretty good idea with some minor flaws you need to think threw.
Do you KNOW they care if their main is banned? Did you ask them all. It isn't the alt committing illegal activities. You can't just look at a person and be like "they're only doing bad things because their main is banned for doing the same bad things. I'm sure if they got their account back they'd just stop." Does that statement look stupid to you or do I need to make a further point?

I didn't say at any point that tc sinks aren't welcome. TC sinks are never a downside. On the other hand, throwing out an excuse like tc sinking for literally letting back in some of our communities worst offenders is just sad. If that's the BEST argument for adding something to our community, is it really that good? 99.9% of the time the answer is no, and this is the same case.

This game isn't dead because we banned a few terrible people for an infinite amount of time. It's dead because it has an extremely high learning curve, no advertisement, and on top of all that is part of a fairly unpopular sub-genre.

I closed this thread because it's a dumb idea, but it has been pointed out to me that I can't close something unless big daddy Skul says an idea is bad.

I'd like to point out before anyone makes some statement about permabanned accounts having almost no chance of re-entering the community for not-so-bad things, I was permabanned for account sharing to let my friend who was banned for a dumb mistake war for me. Was it dumb? Yeah. Did I admit it was dumb? Also yes. Did it pay off admitting my mistake and apologizing instead of being bitter to the ends of the earth? You tell me.
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I think I might be retired.
Please read my edit that I put it while you were writing that.

It's a bad idea because it clearly does less good than bad. If you really fail to see that then I have no further reason to discuss this with you.

I just realized you ask for a further point. Here you go:
Person does x thing. Person is banned for x thing. Person immediately makes more accounts to do x thing. Person is unbanned for y amount of money for z reason. What incentive does person have for not doing x? Literally no incentive other than not being banned again and needing to make more accounts? What an unexpected turn of events! Glad we implemented that idea. It really proved us wrong in every way!

That last bit was sarcasm, by the way.
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I think I might be retired.
Or we could just not take an obvious (and frankly pointless) risk and make people ask politely to come back in the community like always. It doesn't take more time, and it's a much better judge of whether someone is ready to join the community again. And hey guess what! Every banned person can do that right now if they wanted to!
I think I might be retired.