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Ban Bail


The Idea, and Why


as i said you can only buy one, so if you get banned again you cant so it keeps repeat offenders out and stone said it seems like a good idea. If someone makes a new account they lose all their stuff right? whats the point of buying it then getting it banned again. Meaning the 15$ that it costs isn't something that trolls will waste. If they want to be unbanned they have to wait. You disagree with almost every idea or suggestion on this forum and i don't see why. i see you everywhere here. So i still think this is a good idea, but thanks for the words of wisdom.
I'm presenting the obvious flaws in the idea. I don't hate the idea, there have been ones that are plenty worse, but there's no reason to not present a counterargument to each and every idea. As the lmod here I figure I may as well play Devil's advocate.

I still stand by my belief that I don't think an upstanding member would need to pay for an unban (if it's permanent there's usually a good reason), but it still puts money in Nabi's pocket so I suppose the damage it could cause isn't all bad.
I think I might be retired.
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