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Ooo, good shit my dude! Even a shite house is a house nonetheless, which means having a door to lock out the outside world. :V
Also, thank! I was very much winging it with that nebula, and originally i had put some colours on it, but that just ended up looking bad, so i went with this version. Here's the coloured version if you're curious, i don't actually dislike it myself but i trust the judgement of my arty friends.

They doing wot now? Nice, time for more brogan vanguard party! It better be in glorious HD. :V

also i felt the pencil itch so here's a wendigo getting a crystal for soup or something iunno


Heck, it's my once a year check up on Shook to see how things are going. Wish I checked sooner since the colored version of the nebula don't work no mo. BUT I hope you're still doing good my friend.

House life ain't too bad now. New update for me, I'm engaged as of 6 days ago.

Also I followed you on Twitter:o
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Well howdy Weoo, congratulations on the engagement! Wish i could say the same, but i've been unemployed for two years straight in 4 days and my mental health is in shambles, but hey, gotta keep on keeping on. :V (and thanks for the twitter follow lol)

also here's the coloured nebula lol

I've made many more ORTS since i last posted but i'm too lazy to make a megadump here, so if you wanna see the important bits i refer to my deviantart page (see fancy new linkhub in signature). Twitter is unstructured dumping grounds where i also horf sketches into while internally questioning how much i care about the platform. :v

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oiubt veubg

i have no idea how on earth i forgot to respond to this but YES


I refuse to apologise for immortalising this single quote in my signature and hope you're doing well Blam. <3
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various places to find me lol
You should update this thread with your most recent work, people deserve to have their afternoons blessed.
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I suppose i could post SOME things, don't have to upload all 300-some sketches :V

the short version (aka 2022 art summary)

and some more things not on the summary

also go look at Stickdoof comics
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various places to find me lol
Damn that's awesome, I still play Angry Laser Space from time to time.

I hope you get solid employment Shookster, I feel your pain on that front.

Many thank, and likewise to you! :v

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Damn that's awesome, I still play Angry Laser Space from time to time.

Damn, really? I thought i was the only one who ever thought about that game anymore. You honour me. <3
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various places to find me lol
this thread is still semi-alive? im literally shitting
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also, it's effing glOw.
Well, more that i still check my control panel out of habit and i'm subscribed to the thread, so i notice when people post in here. Also hi glOw. :V
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various places to find me lol