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Look No Hands: Very fluid and natural, I like the "star kick" opener. The non-DM'ing first kick starts the replay off sloppily, but I can definitely see why you might want to keep the replay, because that first shatterhit is just delicious! The way uke's torso is left spinning really shows off the raw power of it. I don't usually like grabbing, but when it's done as naturally as this and results in such a spectacular hit, I don't mind. Good skeets at the end too, they don't look improbably weak for the DM as Skeets often do. Are you sure you need to grab the last one to actually DM? It looks pretty hefty. Again, with the work you already put in for it, I don't mind, but I always prefer a non-grabby DM to a grabby one. If you want to try and go for a DM right away, I'd recommend a right knee from what you've got going.

Rest in Pieces: The opener is the tiniest bit sketchy when you remain stationary for maybe a frame for two at the extreme bent position of your opener, but it gets you in that powerful position, so no matter. Besides it's really a tiny thing and would take enourmous tweaking. On another day I might even think it makes the movement look more powerful. It's a huge shame you don't get your opener to the advantage it has, I'm certain you could get a core from that position. You do catch up with the very next hit again, though. the quick whippy one-two with uke's torso, the spank on the bottom that split his legs apart. Gorgeous.

Get Wrecked: Weak openers seem to be a theme here. This one is disappointingly minimal for the upper body and looks messy because you hit your head on Uke's chest and lift him symmetrically. It doesn't look twisty and stupid like most two-arm grabby lifts though. I see that you did some walking there. You might want to try extending the front leg for a frame or two, as much as you can without jamming it against the ground fully extended. Gives you longer strides. Although I kind of like how you prance about like a parade horse. As much as comparatively weak openers seem to be a theme, spectacular first dismemberments do too. that first kick looks disturbingly like a soccer kick, in a good way. The feeling of raw power isn't as strong in the following strikes in this replay as the earlier ones, but seeing how murderous they looked, it's not exactly a problem. I have a slight distaste for kicks over your tori's head which end up with your Tori's hip fully contracted and knee fully extracted. They look slightly stiff. You'll notice I'm nitpicking way harder for you than most replays I've commented on lately, because you're actually good. I really have to try to find room for criticism here. I like how the skeet is low, fast and perpendicular to the ground, gives it a cold steel thrown weapon kind of feel. Also the pose makes your Tori look remorseful, like, say, a soccer star who went on a rampage.

Its a Hit:The manipulation in the beginning is again slightly sloppy, but it does look like deliberate manipulation instead of failed hits. I know it's enourmously hard on high gravity. The first hit is satisfyingly unexpected in it's angle. I would've thought you'd have kicked in an arc down at uke, but you darted your foot straight back instead. The following punch and kick come from a pleasantly uniform angle, it's like taking some sort of power tool to Uke, two pieces come off into a very similar direction twice. Nice hackey-sacking before the skeet too. You pay great attention to poses in all of your replays, that seems to have diminished since 2009 or 2010 when I last frequented the forums. Good to see it's still there.

Wood vs. Uke: If I have to look for something to criticize, it's got to be that grabby opener. It has the slightest touch of that weird-angled quality that grabbing in Toribash tends to create. Other than that, holy shit man, that's one of the most murderous cores I've ever seen, the lumbar just shoots out like from a cannon. Kudos also for the groin core. It's a tricky bit to shake loose at all, let alone core. Among these beautiful DM's, the ones for the arms are definitely the weakest in my books. They're nice and powerful-looking for inertia DM's, but I just don't like the look of pieces simply falling off, it highlights the weird way grabs are in Toribash too much. That's just a personal opinion of mine though. What's with the name? I'm just curious.

BloodyMess: Ok, so you can run. Well, I'll just leave that advice there for some interested third party anyways. I kind of pieced together your skill level along the way looking at these replays so I started off with a more average skillset in mind. Nice and quick, almost a shame it doesn't take you longer to demolish Uke. Sometimes you just want to fuck him up good and quick though, that's great too sometimes.

Since there are quite a few replays here, I'll look at the rest of them in a little while. I'll update this comment if the thread doesn't get bumped first.


OK I'm back. I made some edits of your replays. Turns out I was wrong with the opener of Rest in Pieces. It's not as powerful as it looks. I'm not that good at judging with such a relaxed style as yours. I got a pretty intense backhand out of it though, and a heelkick core, but only after a slightly tappy backhand elbow DM. I also edited BloodyMess, because that backhand was right there. Feel free to tweak it for a core, this time I'm pretty positive it's doable since it's a more grounded less fluid situation I put your Tori in by the time Uke DM's. I also edited that knee in and got really lazy, didn't even pose that one.

Now let's see about those replays!

New One: very smooth running, almost sneaky. The first DM is underwhelming, arm DM's tend to be. Also you kick Uke when he's down a lot, it would be cool to get some hits in on a more upright Uke to begin with. Hard to do with the gravity, I know. There's a nice sense of heavines in your strikes here though, although they glance a bit too lightly on Uke for my liking, DM or no.

This is not what you think it is: This one has an excellent flow. bits of uke fly off in a satisfyingly dispersed cloud. The Opener has potential for a more brutal hit though, although I can see why you would want to keep uke a bit more intact and have him fall on you for processing. Also if you look really hard, you notice a couple kicks land on Uke and don't follow through. Looks kind of natural, but usually it looks better to follow through. That's all peanuts though, excellent replay!

What a Wonderful Day: Oh man, you just stomp uke apart. Beautiful! the shatterhit on the torso is very brutal too. I can't really think of anything to criticize here. Maybe the slight ghosting in the pose. Excellent work!

"is that leg...": It sure is. I've seen it a couple of times. Did it myself once or twice too, great in long replays where it draws a full circle amid Uke's remains. Great hits here, the twin bicycle kicks to the knees are a nice touch. There's one of those fully extended high kicks here though, and some minor ghosting. Any hints on posing? I suck at balanced posing and you seem to nail it every time.

Dismemberment time: Sometimes less is more. Sometimes less hits is more DM's. This is one of those times. Great sense of power in both of those hits, the way you coil your Tori to the opposite extreme and deliver all of the power you can into a cluster of Uke's joints. Nice skeet too. Nothing I really can criticize here. I don't like grabbing, but you make an excellent case every time you do, so I don't mind.

Mess Reloaded: Even shorter. Very impressive clusterhit to begin with, although you ghost some to achieve it. I really like how the bits of uke line up in the end, especially with the seldom-seen blocky torso bits all in a neat row.

Your Uke is Nuts: Great powerful hits, nice and smooth too, with a natural progression from one to the next. There's one major ghosting issue here, but other than that, I can't really complain. I like the shape of that part of uke with his glutes and abs. And the fact that it just pretty much freefalls inside a bloody whirlwind of the rest of uke flying into the four winds.
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I really appreciate that CnC, that's much more than I expected. Holy crap, thats a lot! I can tell I read it couple times and hopefully will improve after that.

Wood vs uke - it was named after the opener, because I actually made it with my friend: he makes the first ten frames, I make the next. That's why its so bulky.

Advice on balance: well, there is a lot to it, but one useful advice would be to contract feet when falling back and extending when falling forward just for couple frames. It might be an obvious thing everyone knows, I dunno.

Well here is another replay for this thread:
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Update. Yeah.

This one is actually pretty good.
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We are not done yet!
Yeah baby!
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Quick little replay just to keep the thread updated. This one is empty and pretty crapy.
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I can't view the three replays before "Fantasy is gone". Try reuploading them.

The first kick in "Fantasy is gone" looks a bit sketchy, you make contact with a fully extended knee and the shock twists your Tori awkwardly. The resulting boomhit is nice, though. The punch has a more natural feel and the bits of Uke twisting around the point of impact look satisfying. You seem to use mostly the elbow for this punch though, could be much more natural. Just not one of your best replays, but not bad at that.
I refuse to grab.
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Dude I really appreciate your comments. You are a very nice guy, I should come and check your replays. I re-uploaded the 3 replays you couldn't download, hope that helps.

Since I am against illegal bumps, here is an old replay I made just for lulz:
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Lets not do that.rpl (283.5 KB, 16 views)
Even simpler: The way you start your opener slowly and only speed up a couple of frames looks the slightest bit awkward. Nothing worth fixing really, just a minor cosmetic thing. Similarly, the backhand you DM Uke's shoulder with could have looked better. You do use your whole body and intertia for it, but the final connecting movement comes solely from the elbow. The final boomhit has a nice sense of power to it as I've come to expect of you in this thread. bonus points for the spinning head, and nice pose as always

That's supposed to hurt: Excellent replay! Good flow to it, and you have Uke exactly where you want without any additional manipulation after the beginning. I'm not saying you're never supposed to manoeuver Uke where you want him, but it looks really smooth here without that. The second manipulation punch looks a bit tappy and could be mistaken for an unsuccessful attempt to DM, but the trajectory is natural. Excellent brutal DM's, especially the first one. It's difficult to make it so much as look like gravity plays a role in an axe kick like that in Toribash, but you manage to do it here. Catching uke into the nook of your ankle looks like just that. Not a kick, a catch. It doesn't look bad, exactly, but it breaks the flow of this replay ever so slightly. Then again, I don't think you could've gotten Uke's head to decapitate on the floor if you did it any other way. Hardly distracts from the fact that the replay looks like Tori is doing shadow MMA and poor Tori gets in the way. Bravo!

Gore sandwitched: Stretching Uke is usually a bad idea for a multitude of reasons: Two grabs is twice the chance to look sketchy, you'll probably just rip your own arm off, it only DMs if Uke is against some part of your Tori... But results like this are why it's so tempting to try. It almost looks hacked, but watching it frame by frame I can see every DM taking place perfectly logically. The tension makes every little gib fly off with considerable speed. The head sticking out on top of that silly-looking part peeved me for a while, but you kicked it off. It's really hard to point any flaws in this replay, but if I had to look for one, it would be the short trajectory of the two-legged kick that explodes uke. It's hardly fair though, since you can't have much of a trajectory when you're already grabbing uke with both hands and have to get a strike in between you and uke.

Lets not do that: Looks more like a case study compared to your other replays. Stiffer with worse flow, but not bad at that. Still, you just shift Uke in one hand while striking a piece off methodically with something else. You do get Uke minced up pretty well though, and it's hard to break him into pieces this small without dedicating one hand to holding at any given time and retracting short jabs right away. I also like the "flower" that pec draws around your Tori in the end.

It's the most fun CnC'ing someone who appreciates the critique, so your comments are a bit more meticulous and longer than I might give others. Keep that in mind when you read about the few flaws I point out.
I refuse to grab.
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New replay out
(well actually it is quite old, I just forgot about it.)
(Psst... Watch it!)
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найс реплеи , оценка 9/10
watch my replays at thread i make it 25sec ago
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