wb sassy, never really liked how you move but what i definitely like is how you always disintegrate uke, and you make it look too easy my guy.

Movement wise it's decently cool up untill you start dm'ing. But uke pretty much goes poof so it's cool, Wb m8
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
thank you thank you

big portion of the last one was an old replay, this one's for real all 2021 baby
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classic sassy replay, the torso manip was solid, nothing too flashy except for that torso chase, gave me flashbacks to Leilak's replays, great as always!
I wasn't a big fan of the first 450 frames. It felt as if there wasn't enough effort put into the opener.

The first dm's of uke's legs I'm unsure if that was the intended result. To me it felt like it wasn't, just because I know how dynamic you dms/booms are on uke. The transitions movement wise and manip wise was a little all over the place.

You seemed to be clumsy(pun intended) lol!

If that was the intended effect it makes all the more sense.

It wasn't until frame 580 when I was like that is the Assassin I know! The beginning half felt like someone possessed you but the second half was like damn I wish I could do that =/

The crotch block hit into the punch into the skeet lovely stuff! You make the difficult things look so easy with your set-ups, flowy movement, consistent pace.

Smooth and pleasant to watch.

Your unique with your movement as always and your approach towards ukes remains in the boom was very you-like. You was dynamic, your flow and execution on point, I was in awe with the second half of the replay.

I would love to actually know if you did everything on purpose in the first half. But considering the long break I can say you made one hell of a replay especially in the second half of it my guy good shi!
In 2017 me and Static decided to make a collab. About 300 frames in, we gave up because neither of us could continue the manipulation. In 2018, we tried to continue this replay, but gave up again.

Today, I opened my replay folder, saw the WIP, and finished it. It probably would've been a way better replay if Static worked on it too.
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it's a shame, because you both have a very distinct style. It's still looks really good. It's really hard to manip when you're that far from Uke.
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