smooth, but that's no surprise coming from you.
nice buttjump tho :o
Gotta say, the shader broke the replay and I had to remove it on notepad to see it.
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since rajen made me get a little fuzzy for ukebash again after the collab i did a lil something
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hey man where did uke go?
i swear bro you can make anything into the darndest openers i've seen, they're just stellar, theres always something new about your openers, and they're never generic because you just don't give a fuck, BUT SOMEHOW THEY STILL LOOK GOOD MAN HOW THE FUCK?!

600 blue ball'd me hard and i see why you couldn't go for a manip there, the dms were sick as always, and i like the little ballet dance you did while toying the chest piece.

the fuck was that kick tho...

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|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
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still don't know how you're able to think of the dm section you did, goated with the sauce fr fr

since rajen posted the collab in the other thread i might as well just put my thoughts there and look at your previous replay

Originally Posted by Xioi View Post
since rajen made me get a little fuzzy for ukebash again after the collab i did a lil something

i think the movement is a bit messy and lazy at times and i also think a manip would have been pretty feasible with a little more effort but the first hit is admittedly very cool, the backwards jump to get there is very cool also and the opener's nice. i think the replay falls off just after that hit and it starts to become a bit of a mess and ive never really been into randomly kicking uke for a bit more stability or whatever but the 4 dm hit is satisfying even if 5 is possible and the chest dm into pose after is really funny also thank u for no shader on this one =)
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Thanks tabby i forgot to add a cancer shader but yeah ur totaly welcome on the shader part hehhhh

BEYONDDD rusty in MP but did a little fuckaround with Faidin on a random mod and just had some fun
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