all your movement seems dynamic and overall powerful. despite that you look stiff. all i can say is smooth out your movement. the best way for you to do that i think is be more decisive in your actions, often it seems you second guess yourself and that results in a twitch or a bad movement. also thanks for copying my threads title.
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Here's another stuff

very cool, very smooth, but i wouldn't spin to the other side

Also, in ur backout you should take a pose as shown in the picture, it will not interfere with your flip momentum and will be more realistic
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the launch at like 650 was the only main problem in the parkour. everything else was nice and creative, good job.

your balance was kinda off after the sideswipe, but everything looked nice. really like the kick at the end, really nice ghosting.
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I might be kinda biased since I too do stiff power-stuff, but I think the first replay looks very cool! The only thing was that I feel like you could have re-balanced yourself after the dub without ghosting, but that might also look bad depending on how you do it.

All that aside the raiz looked very nice and powerful and that rapid twist was very satisfying to watch. I might have to try imitating your tech for setting twist
Looks Good, Only thing I can say is that, your moves are limited only to Tricking moves. Try Sweeps and you'll be GREAT.