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World Championship 2020 Collectors Cards
Hi, Toribash World Championship 2020 collectors cards are now available!

You can support your favorite player and place a bet on them winning the World Championship by purchasing their card until January 14th.
If they come out victorious you'll win extra Toricredits!
* You can only buy one card of a type

Collectors cards are already available for purchase with Toribash 5.5 from the News tab
You can also buy them on forums
Originally Posted by sir View Post
If they come out victorious you'll win extra Toricredits!

imagine if excute66 wins and there's no card.

btw is they getting a card or it's just the six?
Just the six, excute66 demanded that no card should be made for them and SHOLE already lost as they played their fight before quarterfinals started.

In case excute66 wins, prize TC go to those who purchased a card of whoever gets 2nd place in the event - just so those TC don't get sunk
I want to see how many people hold each card

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Prize TC to all watermagic's card owners have been sent, each of you got 46.4K TC!

All cards are now tradeable too in case you want to sell them in market