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Toribash 5.52
Toribash 5.52 is now available on Steam!
This update features item effects, better in-game inventory, improved speed for file downloads and customs loading, bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Get Toribash on Steam:

Standalone downloads:

What's new:

  • Item Effects
    Item effects are a new type of customization for your Tori which can be fused into your Force, Relax, Primary Gradient and Head Texture items.


    To apply an effect to your items, you need to fuse them together.
    Upon fusion, effect item is destroyed and its effect is permanently applied to the item you've chosen.
    You can stack effects of different type and apply all of them to the same item. First fusion into an item is free, every subsequent fusion costs 50,000 TC multiplied by number of effects already fused into the item.

    When fused with an item, some effects offer additional upgrades (glow intensity for glows, pixel size for dithering).
    These become available for free once you play the required number of fights with the item equipped or can be purchased at any moment with Shiai Tokens.

    Item Effects require shaders - if your computer doesn't support them, you won't see any difference.

  • Improved in-game inventory
    Inventory received a proper "Customize" view for texture items, items that allow effect fusion and upgradeable items - so you can manage them right from the game without visiting forums.

    How it looks on my Head Texture item

    Your owned texture items will also now have the uploaded texture displayed instead of default item icon (requires caching it first by opening Customize screen).

    Inventory also received some general backend improvements to increase overall stability and QoL changes such as double-clicking on a set to view its contents and remembering last viewed page and list position when reentering Inventory after leaving it.

  • Other updates

    • Set number of players (1 or 2) for any mod via gamerules menu or /set numplayers command when in Free Play.
    • Linux version is now 64-bit.
    • Improved GUI scaling on low resolutions.
    • Added Tori Twerk atmosphere by Tomato.

    • Fixed bug that was preventing folders from being shown in various menus with opt filesort 0.
    • Fixed bug with timer / frames display ordering introduced in Toribash 5.5.
    • Fixed purchase confirmation boxes' text overlapping.
    • Fixed bug with TC not always refreshing properly after redownloading customs.
    • Fixed bug that lead to corrupted replays when editing it after frames run out without pressing R.
    • Fixed bug in Linux version that was preventing files from being downloaded properly.
    • Fixed bug in Linux version that was preventing sounds from playing.

    • Lua scripting updates:
      • Max texture limit has been raised to 384.
      • Added BitOp support for bitwise operations.
      • Updated get_color_info() with game_name field to get the color's game name.
      • Added set_draw_effect() to use for all 3d draw functions
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Hey, nice job with the inventory update, now it's really handy.

However, I still notice a problem regarding the Num Players.

When I change the number of players to 1 the position of tori changes, and this in mods with many objects causes a lot of problems because tori is often not where it should be and in most cases it is interpenetrated with objects, and this often leads to a crash of the game

I noticed some things that might be useful: I think the problem only occurs when mods have custom engageplayerpos or engageplayerrot, while it seems to work fine with custom engagedistance.

Unfortunately this makes the option useless, in mods where it would be needed most such as parkour.
An update is now available on Steam for all platforms:

  • Fixed startup crash on legacy Intel graphics drivers
  • Added auto fallback to disable item effects on hardware that doesn't support GLSL 1.10
  • Added option to disable item effects (Settings -> Effects)
  • Fixed potential default sound corruption and improved sounds loading speed
  • Fixed bug with engageplayerpos/engageplayerrot getting ignored with numplayers 1
  • Fixed bug with player teleportation when entering replay edit mode instantly after pressing R
  • Added status message on successful shop purchase for item effects and other items that can't be activated
  • Graphics options that are irrelevant with currently chosen settings are no longer displayed in the list
Update is now available on Steam (build 210716):

  • Added usage statistics reporting and automatic error reporting
    Usage statistics will be only accessible to Nabi Studios and won't be sold or transferred to any third parties.
    This data will include your game session length, how many games you play in Free Play / Multiplayer, what game features you use and such.
    Usage statistics reporting can be disabled at any time in Settings -> Game.

  • Item Effect previews in Store
    You can now preview how each item effect would look like on your Tori.
    Your active head and force effects are combined with the effect you're previewing.

  • Other changes:
    • Toricredits and Shiai Tokens balance can now be pressed to open Store and purchase TC/ST
    • High and Ultra graphics quality presets now use 75 fps
    • Hair maker is now only available in debug mode
    • Disabling item effects no longer requires graphics engine reload
    • First inventory launch opens active inventory if player has no deactivated items
    • False positive menu clicks on startup should be less of an issue now
    • Sound/music volume changes in settings now only take effect when settings are saved
    • Fixed crash when switching from shadered graphics with effects enabled to non-shader graphics
    • Fixed long register screen errors getting cut
    • Fixed inventory loading not being available after registration
    • Fixed bug with itemeffects option resetting on game restart
    • Fixed bug with game hud (score, chat etc) randomly displaying under main menu
    • Fixed bug with FOV not resetting when enabling Tori/Uke focused camera
    • Fixed bug with Store item view jumping back to previously viewed 3D item if its model just finished downloading
    • Fixed bug with inventory crashing when player has no items
    • Fixed bug with atmos not launching properly from main menu if they haven't been previously loaded with a hotkey
    • Fixed bug with community replays crashing on empty search results
Toribash 5.52 standalone is now available for Windows:
Version for macOS will be made available soon after we get it verified with Apple.