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Packing things.

With the implementation of new Marketplace and it being continuously enriched with new useful features, the trading routine has changed significantly compared to the Legacy market.

However, selling sets of items is a challenging activity which is not only time-consuming but also impractical. All since a seller must list all items separately.

Regarding the impracticability part, I'll give a simple and straightforward example.
After a seller has completed the routine of listing all the pieces of a set to the marketplace, a certain customer has purchased one random item from the set. Let's say, it was the only item he could afford and he has no intention to buy the whole set. Now another customer who possesses such an intention, is unable to fulfill it since the set is now incomplete. Nobody wins, nobody is satisfied, the set is now ruined.

"Set" items are a great utility available to any player, they are a giant help in organizing player's inventory.
Despite that searching and buying sets in the Legacy market was never comfortable, it still was possible.

However, there's unluckily no way to sell sets in the Marketplace.

What I want to suggest will significantly help to trade matching sets of items (e.g. Diamond Tori, Cyborg, Texture sets, et cetera) in the Marketplace.

Personally I see it as an option opposite to 'unpacking' a pack. If a player owns a full matching set of items, he might have an ability to exchange them for a pack, a single item which afterwards can be unpacked by any other player.
Packing unmatching, 'random' sets must not be possible, apparently. However, this could affect 3D item sets, Texture sets and so on. And probably Full color sets, for justice sake (given that no effects are applied to any of the items and, obviously, the QI restriction should apply to such a pack).

If you buy sets of items on the forum, certain color sets might be 'spoiled' by the presence of effects on the items included. Sometimes sets lack a certain item but contain a duplicate of another. And some buyers are careless enough to buy such a set without checking and after they discover the inconsistency, the unwanted problems take place. But if it's such pack or a bundle it would guarantee that the items were already checked for consistency.


I'm suggesting an ability to arrange matching item sets into single items i.e Packs, as if to revert unpacking. This would primarily simplify the trade of such sets and also help to avoid any confuse regarding the contents.
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I'd still love this (or any better alternative, if anybody has Ideas) to happen.
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Minor edits took place.

I'd still love this (or any better alternative, if anybody has Ideas) to happen.

"Padlocked set" or Bundle set only able to store full sets of textures, 3d sets, colors, etc.
This is how I understand it

Indeed, this can be useful for marketers.

To add something from myself, I put an example icon for such packs

Bundle set icon 64x64
BadaBoom BB font
Made some pixel art on my tablet.

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I just had this thought myself while navigating the market. It's nice to see it was already suggested but sadly no Market Squad or Admin input so far, so here's a bump with my thoughts.

The functional side of the suggestion is easy to understand, if you own all of the components of a Color / Texture pack then you would have the option to repack them. This would primarily aid in listing complete sets of items on the market with the secondary benefit of assisting in inventory cleanup without having to manually add items to a set. In my mind I see a button that says "Repack Amber" or "Repack 128 Textures" when it is identitified that you have all of the components. I'm not big brain enough to make suggestions on the market side but I understand that a "repacked" set would be functionaly identical to a Color Pack or a Texture Pack. Both Color and Texture packs are purchased with ST (with a couple of exceptions) so there still needs to be an incentive to purchase the packs with ST. Maybe there could be a cost associated with repacking the items? Or a tax applied to purchasing or selling a repacked set on the market? Again, not big brain enough to weigh the pros and cons here but I'm keen to hear feedback from Market Squad or admins.

Edit: Brain blast. Maybe it could be just market side, no actual repacking of items. Just being able to list "Full X" for X price if it is identified that you have a full set of something in your inventory. I imagine this would get spicy considering you can list both active and inactive items so there is a chance you list something you're wearing without being aware. Good thing this is the suggestions board and not the solutions board
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