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Figure skating
Hello there
I'd like to request a mod from anyone who cares to try it, ideally someone familiar with tricking and figure skating
I'd love to be able to recreate the moves seen in figure skating on toribash but I havent been able to find a mod that's capable

being able to do this kind of thing would be awesome since it has a lot of the same sort of visual appeal to tricking with its own unique feeling
something that might help is understanding how figure skating works and how the skates are made, since they have a "toe pick" and are different to ice hockey skates
the blade can slide freely on the ice and the toe pick sticks into the ice creating friction which is useful for some of the turns and jumps, like the axel and so on
Just been informed the video doesnt work in some countries so I'll add this one too
its basically the same thing just a different routine
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