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Command bar
Command bar like in discord would be very useful.
(when you type / and see toribash commands)
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There's one thread about it, but having it in the game itself would be nice.

There's /help command in-game where it show you the basics if I remember correctly
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Commmand bar is way faster and looks way better
You can type /b then it shows you /bet or any other command and you just click on it
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Command autocompletion with previews of the possible values along with each argument and their description would be really useful and save us time.
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Small issue with autocompletion is that game client doesn't actually know game server only commands (e.g. /bet), so it will only be able to rely on whatever is hardcoded into it at the moment of release. Likely insignificant though as we rarely introduce commands that only stay available for a few days (stuff like /doubleit).

I'll look into it for mobile version as it'll have the new chat backend, for desktop autocompletion probably won't be there (unless we migrate it to same backend mobile will use in future).