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Update to in-game chat
I had this idea of updating the chatbox in toribash. It doesn't have to be a major update but it hasn't improved to my knowledge since 2009.

It would be nice to have emojis in chat as an idea. A new interface for the chat would be nice too. You could possibly make this an option, so old players can keep the old style if they want.
delete the chat entirely in-game and only let people communicate through 3rd party softwares like discord but keep the /emote and /shout commands
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It'd definitely be interesting to see a chat that matches more with the more updated ingame UI

make it a pop up that you can close by hitting tilda and also give it a background so that people with void items or shaders or mods or whatever dont cover up the chat
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that moment when 10% of multiplayer is actually playing the game and the other 90% is just waiting in queue for hours on end chatting with people so it needs an update to be more fun and engaging. lol.
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