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Skill Issues by Faidin
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All coments in this thread will be welcome ^^
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[P] Bosta.rpl (2.98 MB, 9 views)
[P] Indiana Jones Lost Ark.rpl (874.8 KB, 8 views)
[P] Not Divine.rpl (1.08 MB, 12 views)
[P] Rycardin.rpl (915.6 KB, 9 views)
I really liked Bosta and Not Divine. The other two ones are not so satisfying to watch, even tho they have some cool moves too. Rycardin has a pretty nice interaction between you two, but everything else is kinda meh in this replay.

I'm waiting for you to post some incredible sparring replays later!!!!!!!!

funny name of the thread
When people ask me who that still plays the game that looks to be the next big thing in realism esque replaymaking I just tell them to look for Faidin replays since ur practically just Haku reborn but you seem to do even more whacky and cool stuff.

Post more of your replays god damnit.

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