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[LORE] ToriWorld, Rift and beyond...

To understand ToriWorld and story behind it I need to share with you my vision of a place that I have 'patched up' through many concepts and writings of my 'little notebook'.
So, I've decided to explain everything and try to describe complex world I've created around Toribash game, expanding it with back-story of my own. Some of it is scattered through comics, some through past events, but never before it was all presented together, so this is it.
Everything will be covered in this large post, so, if you decide to travel on the rivers of my imagination, you will have to sit and read these walls of text...

I promise that journey will not be a bore.


ToriWorld was a planet. It was created artificially. It was placed in the space that is different than ours, different in that way that it is not an empty vacuum, but live environment.
It is set in parallel dimension in which the main energy source, essence of all things is Core Embryo.

Core Embryo is shortened name for core of embryo, named by Hampa himself, describing it as an essence inside the essence, the core of all things, motivator of all things. It is thought inside energy, it has mass if it wishes to have mass, it can produce heat, cold, elements, if it wish to produce them. To be able to make it to wish and produce what you desire by your thoughts is a gift.
Hampa has that gift, thus he used it to create a world. He was able to 'channel' Core Embryo powers.

He created a planet, filling the empty space around Core Embryo with - one planet, in the beginning.
What created space around Core Embryo is unknown. Some philosophers think that Core Embryo dreamed and produced space. But, what have instigated a dream? No one knows.

So, Core Embryo spontaneously created space, a living space, then came Hampa and created a planet, channeling powers of Core Embryo. He called that planet Toria, and has created many other things beside it.

Maybe Core Embryo dreamed Hampa, maybe that essence just produced it own subconscious, so there is no Hampa. There is only Core Embryo.
Who can know for sure?

TORIA – the planet…

Was consistent of one large land mass called ToriWorld. Some islands were scattered around, but the main land was big chunk of boulder surrounded by the green sea. Earth-like ecosystem was produced to maintain life and Hampa created many creatures of land, air and sea, but Core Embryo was a thing that can make a structure, but not the main ingredient of every sentinel life: soul. These primordial things were just roaming through ToriWorld and obeyed Hampa’s will but they didn’t had a spark to create things on their own and they just… lived.

Quest for soul

Toria in that state lasted for 6500 years. Years that Hampa spent in finding the way to create a ‘soul’. Some new creatures were added to ToriWorld in that process, but they were just ‘failed experiments’. That’s why Hampa turned to space surrounding the Core Embryo and made new worlds, new planets. But, every world was soulless and bland like previous. Every creation was just a ‘copy’ of already made things.

Making of Rift and first newcomers from Earth

Then Hampa found out about other dimensions. For some reason Core Embryo shown glimpses of other worlds to him and he got interested. Core Embryo ‘spoke’ to him, showing Hampa way how to ‘connect’ his dimension to other ones. To open a gateway Hampa depleted almost the whole Core Embryo power, making a huge Rift in space, while Core itself transferred into mass state forever, forming a planetoid in the center of Tori-space, called Super Unknown [will be revisited later]. Was it planned or has the process gone awry? Only Hampa knows.

Rift was stable gateway to other worlds and Hampa used it to seek beings like him, or at least those with the ‘soul’. It was predicament that first world he came upon was Earth. There he found people with ability to channel Core Embryo power, on much smaller scale, but enough to be separated from normal human beings, and enough to make creations of their own in the dimension of Core Embryo. So, he called them to follow him and help him re-create Toria and ToriWorld, to make a colony for gifted people from Earth and to enrich Core space with the presence of beings with souls. To transfer stagnation into (r)evolution.

One of the most ‘gifted’ in the way of channeling Core Embryo power was one called Veb. He created magnificent things and earned Hampa’s trust that much that he appointed him as his right hand. Other came too and formed a first colony of super-beings, they dived themselves on three casts: gods, demigods and users, depending by amount of power they wielded, granted by Hampa. Together they prepared ToriWorld for newcomers and set first cities and dwellings.

Veb trustworthy

Veb was interested in Core Embryo powers more than any other ‘core user’. He was the first one to synthesize the essence of the Core, making a crystal that was connected to Core Embryo itself, but didn’t have enough raw power to be abused by regular users. He prepared this for other newcomers and settlers that will come from Earth, to grant them possibilities like fast travel through ToriWorld, inter-connection and link with other users and to enable them to form their physical appearance in the new world. These crystals were mass-produced and were given to every soul that came from Earth to live on Toria. He also created (with some help from other gods and demigods) hubs, mini-gateways between cities, islands and buildings of importance. He was the one that persuaded Hampa to re-create Toria and split the main continent into smaller floating islands, to break planet’s core and form unique living place for Toribashians. Toria wasn’t planet anymore, it became abstract formation. Islands floated in the space, rotating around axis, connected with these hubs that Veb made. Everything was held together in the center by one huge chunk of Core Embryo that also produced powering for every city, building and machine that was created afterwards. Toria became huge habitat, controlled by living robots with purpose to serve gods and demigods as helpers in establishing the fundamental control over this ‘living machinery’. One of the gods, voluntarily, placed his soul in machine-body to serve as hub controller. ‘He’ is known as hanz0.

Then, as more and more users came to ToriWorld, states are formed, culture, politics and art, everything that makes one society. In short – ToriWorld lived for the first time!


These were the years of setting the mains of ToriWorld. Many things transpired before, but everything that happened from this point in time was written in ToriWorld’s history. Clans were formed, first wars were fought, heroes and villains arose in those times, and it was the age of prosperity that lasted for 600 years. But, it was tainted at the coming of those years by one of the first cataclysmic events that will plague ToriWorld ever afterward – opening of the RIFT!

As Veb depleted all his ideas into crafting many things for ToriWorld, he began to take interest in other worlds. He traveled with Hampa to planets of Core space and later to other dimensions, ever in search of new souls and beings, but they always ventured around worlds that were inferior and ‘harmless’. Hampa was concerned about safety of his creation. But, Veb took interest in seeking those that managed to go beyond powers of the Core Embryo and that wielded more potent forces. Hampa saw this trait in him so always tried to occupy him with new things, buildings and machines for ToriWorld, keeping him there while he traveled beyond Rift. This made Veb unpleased…

Veb already gained so much knowledge about Core Embryo powers that he was able to glimpse through Rift not just toward other worlds, but also through time, seeing things that will come and was.
There he saw Volians, race from another dimension. He also saw many other things, but kept it a secret from Hampa and other gods and demigods. While Hampa was away on his regular journeys to parallel dimensions, Veb sent a probe toward Volian’s space. It never returned.

Making of Vebirium

While waiting news from Volian dimension Veb started his most magnificent project after Toria hubs – floating fortress for gods and demigods to dwell in. Ever looking eye set above ToriWorld, orbiting lands below and with city inside that was holding personal Veb’s guard (formed from only the best fighters from ToriWorld), hub control (hanz0 transferred to fortress when it was finished) and second most largest fragment of Core Embryo that was embedded in fortress ‘body’ and hub-connected with main Core Embryo chamber at the center of Toria, controlling the rotation of floating islands and power distribution for entire ‘planet’, together with power central that was holding fortress in low orbit. So Hampa-fortress became eye, heart and soul of the whole habitat. Project was bold and practical; it eased jobs of gods and demigods, allowing them to fast-respond to every threat or situation that would transpire on ToriWorld. Veb named it Vebirium, but at the grand opening ceremony gods and demigods demanded it to be called Hampa-fortress, and be served as a present for him when he finally returns from his travels. This further threw Veb into resentment as he felt that despite all his accomplishments, he will always be in Hampa’s shadow.

Hampa-fortress is still main key for control of Toria and its old almost as ToriWorld itself.

Veb’s treachery

At the end of 600 years of ToriWorld’s prosperity large War of the Clans erupted at the central land of ToriWorld. It was started by clan Evil and RAWR, and due to many alliances it spread through whole Toria like forest fire. Even gods and demigods fought among themselves, choosing sides, honoring their clans. War turned into long years of attrition. Hampa was still away so Veb was called to intervene since ToriWorld began to suffer from this large conflict, many cites were destroyed, clans extinguished and economy started to crumble. Great clan council was formed and leaders set together with Veb to find a common word and sign peace treaty. Veb deliberately sabotaged peace conference, prolonging the Clan Wars further, until dismayed representatives demanded that he go and search for Hampa, knowing that only he would be able to reason with clan leaders. Veb’s plan worked perfectly…

Passing the gate of Rift, Veb turned and went right into Volian dimension, entering their space and going straight to their home world: Scurm. The rest is unknown. Some secrets should stay secret, telling them would spoil pages of Rift comic and every other planned event, so I will (for now) skip the story about Veb’s journey and what happened on Scurm.

Thing that is known is this:
with Hampa still away, Rift gates opened for the first time from opposite direction! Large Volian battleships entered the space of Core Embryo, surrounding former planet of Toria. Invasion begun, with drop-ships landing all over ToriWorld islands. Already war ravaged, ToriWorld quickly succumb to enemy forces, many clans and islands capitulated instantly, the rest united against common foe forming a ToriClan – one large state patched from remnants of other clans-islands. Hampa-fortress was attacked with largest force, all defenses fell and fortress itself was heavily damaged (as can be seen in Rift comic). Everything would be lost, but hanz0, at the last moment, initiated Core Bounding Procedure, transferring whole fortress through the hub he created in the center of Core Embryo Chamber, propelling it into orbit of Super Unknown. This mini-Rift sucked up even some portions of ToriWorld, depleted the powering of the Toria habitat, ripped Core Embryo Chamber apart, destabilized floating islands that fell or collide during this process, killing invaders and Toribashians alike! Part of hanz0’s body was severed and his soul lingered between life and death. Fortress drifted in low orbit around Super Unknown, but connection with Toria remained. ToriWorld soul embodied in Hampa-fortress was still adamant!

So, Volians didn’t have full control over ToriWorld. Their forces were hindered by hanz0’s desperate action. As ToriClan started to fight back, hitting where it hurts the invaders most: at their supply chain, around Rift gate, spirit of the ToriWorld rebels raised. One clan was especially good in these hit-and-run tactics, using captured Volian star-fighters they attacked their convoys and cut-down many of their reinforcements. That clan was called Marine Force Recon. (Later to became main air and space defense force of ToriWorld, as seen in Rift comic) Slowly, Toribashinas started to push Volians back, but still they were greatly outnumbered and weaponless against invading forces. They were just stalling the inevitable end in hopes that Hampa will return and help them.

Super Unknown and Tripstone’s super-team

Things were looking grim. Most of gods and demigods were, by force of circumstances, ‘exiled’ from Toria, and set in the orbit of Super Unknown together in Hampa-fortress. Planet that was Core Embryo itself was unexplored and strange place, with ecosystem of its own that grown unchecked for many centuries. Place itself was infusing these creatures with its powers, making them huge in size and strength, and some of them were truly behemoths! In absence of Hampa’s control these ‘monsters’ have gone wild, with only one purpose: to protect their home world, Super Unknown, Core Embryo.

So, when the huge levitating fortress appeared in the vicinity of their planet it was natural that they were aggressive toward it. Fortress was attacked by flying beasts with riders almost immediately by arrival. Already weaken by Volian’s invasion forces, fortress inhabitants in disarray and without a leader (hanz0 was still in limbo) had to form defense from what they had, from what was left…
SkulFuk took the leading role together with Avwave. They had to recruit new fortress guard from regular users that were present ‘ on-board’ during the attack. One of them, together with his clan friends, successfully stalled the invaders entering hanz0’s chamber during the initial Volian attack. His name – Tripstone. He was appointed as one of the new leaders of the guards and some demigods noticed that he’s able to partially channel Core Embryo power. Due to a close proximity to raw source of Core Embryo energy (Super Unknown) many fortress inhabitants showed new potentials and started to expand mentally and physically, transforming into super-beings.

After they managed to repel the attack of creatures from planetoid, SkulFuk gave Tripstone a mission to land on surface and seek a Sentinel. Sentinels were Hampa’s first creations in his quest to make a being with soul. They were advanced bio-machines that were imprinted with knowledge of Hampa and his chosen gods and demigods, loyal to their wishes and commands, and set on remote worlds to manage things there. Exiles from Toria needed help to repair fortress and to stop attacks coming from Super Unknown. Tripstone formed a team picking people from his clan and other individuals that were outstanding martial art fighters, together with Shin-Ryuu as a representative of demigods. They landed on central continent of the planet and had to go through many trials during their quest. Fought strange beasts of Super Unknown, leviathans and behemoths alike, growing into super-beings themselves, as they were empowered by air, soil, water, everything was full of raw essence of Core Embryo.

They managed to find Sentinel and reason with him, stopping the animosity of planet inhabitants toward newcomers from Toria. With their help fortress was again made operational, hanz0 ‘repaired’ and healed and new army was raised. Army of beasts and creatures that were never seen before on Toria, with powers that could match Volian’s weapons, even surpassing it! Hanz0 and Sentinel began working on a new hub system, one that will be stable mini-Rift gate, set toward Toria, using the Super Unknown as a power source. They started to form a plan, but they still didn't know about Veb’s treachery and constantly argued about exact time when their counterattack should struck. Some wanted to wait for Hampa, feeling that without his guidance, their war will fail, while others were putting pressure on hanz0 and SkulFuk to return to Toria the moment new gate is functional, fearing that if they lose more time, only thing that would wait for them when they come back would be ruins.

Meanwhile on Toria…

[more will be added later]

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