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Hello! My name is Jeremy but my account name is wfvj014. Everyone calls me wfv though. I saw your guys playing aikido. Just now actually. You guys saw interest in me and I've always wanted to be part of a community.

I'm 15 years old, almost 16. But some would say I'm a bit mature for my age.

My reasons to join the clan I sorta already discussed above. I would love to me in a community of people that respect each other and have a common interest.

My first name is -DELETED BITCH-.

I play this game quite often. Everyday and sometimes for. My playing sessions last for around an hour to two hours.

What can I bring to this clan you say? I can bring life, love, and atmosphere into your loving community. But also some skills xD

I check the forums about once a day. But I'm sure I would check it more often if I had a good reason to. Like you guys <3

I do have steam.

I'm good at a handful of mods. I'm most fond of grappling mods. Such as, aikido, ABC, grey kido, and Similar mods.

I'll of coarse wait to join this clan.

I'm male and white.
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If you would like to apply for Luck.Tell me About.


Reason to join the clan?

First name?

How much you play?

What can you do for this clan?

How much you go on the forums?

Do you have steam?

What mods you are good at?

Are you willing to wait to join this clan?

Also what gender and race?

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lol i didnt think you had to put race

Want to buy Raider force?
Age: 13

Reason to join the clan: I like Lucky and its members like 360SWAG and Harith. I was looking for a clan where i can improve and grow up learning from higher people ( i mean pros )

First name: Valentin

How much you play: Everyday at least one hour

What can you do for this clan: I can help in wars with ABD and recruit PRO people

How much you go on forums: When im Ingame

Do you have steam: No, i have skype

Mods you are good at: ABD and Wushu
Are you willing to wait to join this clan: Yes take the time you need for a good decision

Gender: Male

Race: White
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