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fking appeal
Age: 24 years
Forum activity: no lol
In-game activity: more 20k games but i have 2 accounts to banned(5000+ games to here)
Few sentences about yourself: i am good player in all mods in this fking game(lenshu, abd, aikido, mushu, boxshu v2-v5, taekkyon, wushu, joust, twinsword, judo, judofrac and next)
What do you like about us: i like (NOT) and i dont have a clan
Irl name: Petras - PeterAge : 21
Nationality : Lithuania
Languages : Very fluent English as i live in England and also Lithuanian

Forum activity : I plan on being online everyday, posting in the forums is a
must for me especially if in a clan as i believe clan activity needs to be upheld.
Toribash accounts : used to play on an account called Spartalol which i spent a few years on,
and have now made this account recently, as i have decided to fully pick this game back up,
having forgotten the password and having a dodgy email on my main which i was last online with years ago.
About myself : Well there's a lot to me as a person and also a lot to my history, the history of my life, the same
history that has made me who i am. quite interesting and obscure, but also very typical and mundane as is
a lot of people's lives i believe.
Talents : I'm quite good at editing videos, although i can only use sony vegas pro, so nothing extremely impressive.
here is my YT channel, the one i used to make AMVs with my best friend, the person who got me in to making them and also taught me a lot about how to edit, not to mention also that he invited me to a studio which was quite an interesting experience. https://www.youtube.com/user/somethi..._as=subscriber
What i plan on bringing to the clan : I plan on being a very active member of the clan, posting daily if i can
and also being a very active person ingame, so i can sharpen my TB skillz over my spare time of leisure.
Through this and anything else i will try my best to help the clan reach any goals they have and will have in the future.

Thank you
Your application is currently under discussion!Hang with us on toribash and forum.This way you can raise the chances!
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ayyy welcome doood MY BUD make sure you try your best to join
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Yeah, thanks for the welcoming:') i'm sure it'd be very nostalgic to join a clan, i have very high hopes for the Toribash community once Toribash next is released, so i'm trying to settle in early. Didn't know however that there'd be an update once i made the account, but it was nice to see that this game might breathe in some new life... Game me some more hope and something even more to look forward to.-edit
Will be going to a job interview soon;) wish me luck. i'll be on later.
Guys.Don't use the recruitment center for chatting.Do it on our clan thread
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Uhh Application
Uhhh, hello? Seems like it's working... Lets get straight to the point!

Age: 14 (yung 1)
Forum Activity: I would rather not talk about it(not good )
Ingame Activity: well you could say that im playing 24/7 - true most of the time
STUFF about myself: nothing much tbh, a normal kid that goes to school and is depressed af because of it.
Why i want to join (NOT): Cuz we all know that its the best clan, also it has nice people and people that ive known for a long time.

Yeh, thats all. Thank You!
Hi, I'm Jelaun. I'm 14 and live in Jamaica, meaning my GMT is -5.
For you people who don't want to read the whole application, just read the final words.

What can I bring to (NOT)
I'm competent and don't need to be continually told to do the same thing over and over. I can bring humor, though not that cringy and forced banter, to the table, and I won't be afraid to speak my mind if I have to. I work well with others, and I'm not easily agitated. I'm an honest man, I tell you what I think, and I won't tell you what you want to hear, but the truth, even if it hurts. I don't quit easily if I get rejected for anything, I learn from my mistakes and bounce back as an even better person. However, I'm not perfect; I occasionally take breaks from the forums and game to do other activities, sometimes too much and minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days.

I have Discord; my tag is NiTrOSniP3r#2675.I'm fine with leaking my Discord because it's easier to control the flow of spam, as I have to friend the person first to message back and I can easily block the person. I've had previous experiences with spamming, as I made the mistake of posting my email on an open thread. I have since then deleted the post, but the damage was already done. I went to school, came back and I had over 100 emails spamming me, telling me I had terrible grammar and I should just quit.

Previous Clans
The first clan I was ever in was (Error), and I willingly left because it was falling apart from the inside out. However, the clan taught me a valuable lesson in writing applications, as it taught me to have no mistakes and that you should always write to the best of your ability, and never second best. When I first joined (Error), I instantly got rejected for an inadequate application and accusations of lying about certain aspects such as age and location. I took the constructive criticism and rewrote the app, double checking it and making sure it had no errors and was completely honest.I was also in Volt,Abyss,Badc and Taira.

Hobbies Outside of Toribash
I play football(soccer) when I have free time, not competitive, just friendly football with friends. I've never been in competitive football, and I don't plan to. I can't handle stress well, as I can crack under pressure without planning and a small personal pep-talk. When I want to unwind, I just lay outside and listen to my music.

Mod Choice
I'm a simple man; I like ABD and AIkido. I love ABD when I want to have fun, controlled chaos. You can't go too crazy in ABD because there is still a dojo you can get knocked out of.I also enjoy Sparring And parkour(even though im not very good in parkour).

Final Words
So, overall, I'm a tough person who doesn't quit easily, works well with others, and likes ABD and Aikido. Outside of Toribash, I play football. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you on the battlefield