i really want to know who his main is too, it's annoying haha
men of few w'rds art the most wondrous men.
I'm assuming that you won't look at this by when I post it but I will be patient, anyway a few things about me:

I have moved states before but I wasn't a big change, the good side to it is that I can be more active as the stress now is less than it used to be. I don't know if it would last as I'm still in school and it's summer break so who knows?

A brief explanation on my toribash history might actually be a little weird but here it goes. Back in 2014 I was watching some videos on youtube, when i came about a video on toribash, I thought "It looks interesting, but it's probably a game game you have to purchase," (as my family was poor at the time,) but I looked at the website of the video and found the toribash website where i learned it's a free-to-play game so I gave it a shot and was addicted ever since, if you're wondering why my account's join date was in 2017, this is because I lost my first account a while back, mabye a month before i decided to make a new account and start over, I'm not the best player but I enjoy Aikido, ABD, and Boxshu as they're fun to play and most common in toribash, I like to have fun with other people and may do a couple a spars at a time if I felt like it.

That's mostly it to be honest, I'm an average person with a hobby of artsy stuff. It's nothing too extreme but nothing too weird either. that's my summary wrapped up and I can only hope that you can except me so here's my shot.
~~~~~~~~~~~~So I Am A Weirdo...~~~~~~~~~~~~