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@iprime: Your application under discussion pls have patience be while tell decided
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My name's Jan, I've previously played as fastmove, now it's melrose. I'm 18 years old, I'm from Poland, currently live in Warsaw. I'm still in high school, but i do a lot after lessons so i dont spend 24/7 ingame. Im here more for the game itself, as the pleasure this game brings me itself is greater than owning high tc items or being 1st in ranked. Im pretty laidback but i have some skills to allow me to have it that way, instead of being tense, like most people playing the game. My fav mods are lenshu, abd, greykido and ninjutsu, but im no longer in my prime, like i used to be when mentioning ninjutsu. I want to join this clan because during the years i played ive seen many amazing clans exist, and fall. Honestly, i've always had some sort of magnet pulling me to fl0w, but i ended up in inq because of matharu ;--) would be glad to see you guys around ingame, cya
Hello guys, what's up? After the fall of my last clan, I decided it’s time to find a new home in this community.

So here is my app:

I am a 18 years old teenager that just finished highschool and is looking to start university. I am living in Romania (East Europe), in the south part of the country, in a city crossed by Danube. It's a nice city, a small one i could say with only 28k citizens but is ok with little, not so much noises. Ok so how i said at the start i just finished highschool and my dreams for future is that to become a big engineer. I know it needs hard work and studies, but i feel i can do it. Since I was a kid and my parents got my first PC I liked everything about it and now 13 years later I’m wondering if I can succeed in my professional career by using it. Now about my hobbies and what i like to do in my free time. I really like to do sports, not only one a lot of them, i played and still enjoy football (played it 2 years), tennis (played it 1 year), swimming (i enjoyed it 3 years between 5-8 grade and i still do it), cross and now i'm going to GYM to put on some muscles. D: I would like to try basketball also or handball gonna see if i can do them. In my free time if i am not doing studying for my last exams this summer, i like staying with my family or playing with my pets (2 dogs and a cat ^^), or maybe doing some gaming time. Also i have a guitar from 1972 which i really like to play at it and feel the music that it makes, an acordio from 1980 but i don't really use this one.
GMT: +3 As my studies, I actually have a degree in English from Cambridge, the FCE for schools and I’m really proud of it, even tho my English got a little bit rusty over the year which passed because I didn’t really care much about it anymore after I got the degree. I have been studying English since 2nd class til last year when I got that exam, which and I’ve also been doing tutoring in it since 3rd grade. On a scale from 1-10 I would say my rusty English is at an 8. As other things from school objects i like anything with math in it or specific science, my native language and maybe some history and biology. Anyway, for me the most important thing right now are my studies until i finsh them, then maybe i would say the other things from my life. As how i look, i'm very tall, nearly 2m (now having around 1.96m), black hair, brown eyes, well build but how i said going to gym to put on some ''cannons'' ;) and i'm white. (no racism here, but maybe you wanted to know D: ) I can use anything to be in touch with you guys, teamspeak, discord(even tho i really dislike discord) etc. If you ask me about what games i usually play, i'm playing CS:GO(ex Global Elite btw, but for now I kinda gave up on this game), Rocket League, Heartstone GTA V, Killing Floor 2, The Division 1 and 2, R6S, PUBG and a lot of single player games.

Now my Toribash activity:

Well i started this game nearly 7 years ago in July 2012 and first time i played this game i was kinda like: what the fuck is this game....3D porn maybe? But after i became blue belt i really enjoyed this game and now look at me i am 10th dan. I can't lie and don't say i wasn't ban so far or got some infractions, but tbh now I haven’t got at least an infraction in like 4 years. I am skilled player in game even tho I haven’t been playing this game so often in like years now since I got kinda inactive in the game, I usually try to play at least 1 to 3 times a month, but the game just got kinda boring now so yeah. If you need me in-game I’ll try to be active. But i am sad to say i can't help the clan with any skills like art making or video making or editing... How I said my last clan, Frost, was kinda dead even when I got in it in 2017, but now I decided it’s just too dead to stay in it anymore. My past clans besides this were FC (i was leader of FC and stayed in this clan for like 6 months before it went down), The Shield(this is really old school tbh, like 2012 when I first got in the game), Fvipers(another old school shit right here), Nitro (spent like 11 months in this clan before members started to fight each other) and last but not least Piratez (i've decided to leave this clan because it was too inactive for me and i want to actually talk and have fun in a clan. I've spent the majority of my clan time here, after the 2 years in Frost, 1 year and 4 months) so if we talk here about loyality about clans, i can be loyal to any clan if they are also with me. I am active on forum like everyday, but these days there’s really nothing to post anymore on any forum so I just surf it most of the time and if I find a thread where I can post without it being useless post I post. How I already said before my ingame activity went down so i can be active ingame any time you want and need me but i don't really play the game so often now, maybe 1-3 times a month. I can help the clan with in-game events or something like that. Also the fact that this is a forum releated clan is more enjoyable for me. As my favorite mods/best, my fav mods would be any judo mod, any akido mod, leshu(even tho I kinda suck here), rk-mma(a little better than leshu), taekyon, jousting and greykido, as best mod i can say judo is my best mod out there. Btw wushu was one of those mods that i used to play back in the day, but right now tbh i think i'm dead weight in it. xd :/

So here it is. I know it isn’t the best app out there, but I tried so that’s what matters. See ya around guys.
Only if you dont listen to manele )
Salutari din romania!
Pm me for deals
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Only if you dont listen to manele )
Salutari din romania!

Ain't doing that shit bra, you know me better than dis.

Anyway, i'll try to get in touch with you when i can since i have like 11 more days til i have exams for admission at university.
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wtf is manele?

Good luck with your exams azzeffir,focus on that.

Thank you. Is my app still being discussed?