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i start alot of textures that i will never finish or just delete because i get bored , but i feel like this one has potential.made with paint.net . thanks to zephh
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I like the shading and what you did with the water drops, they look kinda neat.

Also what software did you use to make this?
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i made the shading and those water drops in like 30 min's and just there to show how the finished design may look like i will upload the raw version of it soon
Love to see you doing art
Also i think the soft shading is nice, but I dislike the lines on the fins you didn't blend like the others ^^
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Hallo blub
the raw texture without soft shadows. just want to make sure everything is mapped before i start puttin details on that boy
i changed the mouth and the postition of the eyes a bit. also going to post ingame pictures of it soon
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almost one year ago , dayum but here the new wip
and here some lazy cut out ingame pictures to show the mapping
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haha fun texture i like it mapping looks great the uke in the eye is a touch
i think itd look good if u made a pattern overlay of some scales, maybe not across the whole skin tho like u could make a clipping mask and soft brush some of the scales in certain parts
new update , currently happy of the general look of the front. the scales on the side are not clean enough .yet
gonna add more of a shine effect on the new update