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New RAID Challenge Parkour 2020


From the Senshi clan we bring you a new Raid Challenge! I hope you enjoy. It's filled with blades, jumps, climbs, slides and more!

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It's a nice and well made mod. Things are properly to scale and the spinning of the very first blades is something I've never seen before.Not sure how I feel about calling it a Raid mod since that was a modpack by Obazu from back in the day, but it plays similarly so I guess it does make sense.
Solid work on this!

I feel like the only thing that's lacking is a better visual theme. It's not terribly inspiring to look at and explore, but it is a solid parkour course and it doesn't always have to be more than that
Since this is called raid mod, as the creator of the originals, I feel I should give some CnC.

To start with, I like that there are multiple routes you can take through and there even some nice verticality between the routes. From a quick glance there aren't and gamebreaking errors with the mod. However, I do have some critique on the over all quality:

Some of the objects are too thick, which does make the mod look worse. The blades don't look like they could cut you at all and the bars at the middle part just would look a lot cooler if their thickness was around .15 instead of .2.

I understand that having the blades just float in the air gives more freedom on how you can place them, but it also hugely detracts from the look and believability of the environment.

The colors don't quite mesh well together. I think the problem is partly, that you have several colours in equal amount, which causes the looker not be able to easily tell what to focus on.

Those black squares at the start don't look very good.

Also the ending prize doesn't even have a nose. Who would risk their life for something like that?

I know a lot of these points might be a bit nitpicky, but it all adds up to the mod looking more like a collection of objects that have been placed together to form a parkour course, than a tomb that you are raiding for treasure.

Also while I agree with Jisse, that sometimes it's ok for parkour course to be just a solid set of obstacles and nothing more, I would like to think that adding raid to the name comes with certain expectation for the level of quality, that, sadly, I don't think this mod meets.

If you want to see an example of mod that I believe excellently captured the spirit of the raid mods and even improved on them in some ways, check out DashSora's Deadly Beam mod. It gets all of the points I've made above right and it also adds in bunch of innovative obstacles that give the player experiences that he wouldn't be able to get in any other mod (Something I always respect in modmaking and that I usually aim for myself while making a mod).
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