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I'd like to credit TRichard21, Earthfoxx, supahninja, and more, who created the famous Parkour City mods. Each of the pk city mods has been melded into one parkour course here. I've went through and recolored and re-detailed all of the areas as well!

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This is really neat but I don't understand how you can call this "senshi_parkour_world" with a clean conscience.

It's not really your work you just put things together and made it a bit flashier
If I create a more advanced version of a spoon, and I call it the Wonder Scooper. No ones going to bat an eye saying I'm covering up/claiming the hard work of the ancient egyptians who invented it. Saying I didn't really invent the spoon, I just put things together and made it flashier.

Anyone who purchases my product, has probably used a spoon before.
Anyone who downloads my mod has probably used a Parkour_city mod before.

They know I didn't invent the spoon.
they know I wasn't the creator of the pk city mods.

these things are a given, and don't need further clarification.

what people don't know, is what my clan is, and what we are trying to do.
As we are new. So this in fact does need clarification. To further expand
awareness of the work my clan is putting out.

over time rudimentary things and even complex things get rebranded, remastered, sampled, and mixed. its inevitable. Whether full credit is given, part credit is given, none. Or if it's shared. its signed Senshi, because that is the signature of ones responsible for the rendition. It says parkour world, not parkour city because it's multiple "Cities" in one.

Most people if not all who would download this mod, knows what Parkour_City__.tbm is, so someone thinking I am the original auteur of the mods, isn't a concern of mine, because i know it's not likely.

Lastly. I've given credit on this thread. So it will go down in history, for anyone who doesn't know clearly anything about the parkour city mods, that I didn't make it, to search, if so be it. But im sure anyone in the community would quickly correct them, if they try to say otherwise.
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Its a really nice mod and I've tried my best but here's my attempt
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i would argue about the name thing but out of the past like 10 posts on this board ur 9 of them lol nobody else was about 2 do it

so it dont matter lol. cool mod surprised it hasn't been done before