Endurance Onslaught 4
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Everything is a little too choppy, and the moves looked too force. When you trick, it has to glide into motion.

I agree
the opener was kinda bad but most tricking openers are (at least for me they are)

the hook was eh

at 650 you moved too fast. it should have been a slow transition to a jump and either when you land or mid jump you should start to move fast
the side flip thing was ok

back flips were good

that cork was really bad. try and keep your chest up when doing a cork and when your leg swings through extend your glute and use your pecs to spin right or left. and use your arms man. but the spin you got out of it was good

pose was good

6/10 and theres a lot of room for improving
hi aboriginally i vsed you in the wushu tourno (venomslicer) and i was just wondering if you would like to
have a spar.
Nice B-twist and Decap
Everything else.
Try on working with your flow and the fluidity of your movements my dude.
i like your videos
Needs more training

Thanks For Everything, Ronan, Rythm.