Endurance Onslaught 4
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“The lowest, blackest, and farthest from Heaven. Well do I know the way.” — Virgil

Welcome to the end. The final level of hell, Treachery, Lake Cocytus. The Devil himself trapped in his icy prison, but that won't stop him from fighting back! He's summoned another body to fight. Descend and end the battle, pick up the sword and slash his bodily form across the head to win! Be careful of his attacks, one hit from the sword and this cavern will be your resting place.

DOWNLOAD THE 9th Mod, or Download the full pack below! It's been a blast making these mods. I've put blood, sweat and lots of tears in all 1152 Objects across these 9 mods. I tried my best to give you unique experiences in each one.

I've learned so much through it all. I have bigger and more ambitious ideas over the horizon.

If you find any problems that make the mod(s) unplayable, please feel free to PM, comment below or Find me on discord! I'll get a fix to you right away!

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