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Voice chat
I mean like wouldnt it be cool to use a mic ingame?
Like in other games you hold a button and while you hold it you can speak into your microphone and talk to the other players.
It would make the game alot funnier and for the ones spamming or better said screaming off your ears with their microphones there could be a massvote mute means the player would get muted for the room for like lets say a hour?
Dont know if it has been suggested yet so i think this would be very interesting.
If you have suggestions how to make this better or why this isnt good share them here.
and yeah it would lag a lot
and also i don't fancy a 12 year old swearing and screaming because they lost
and you could just get teamspeak or Skype if you wanted to talk to your friends ingame
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I don't think it would be good.

1st: We have a lot of people in toribash, people from the entire world, not everyone can speaks english, so they would speak in their native language, it would be pretty annoying to listen to someone ~screaming~ when you don't even know what they're saying.

2nd: People raging everywhere, calling you this, calling you that etc.
If they rage while they're typing, imagine how it would be if they were allowed to use a mic to complain.

it works pretty well in games such as Call of Duties.
and there's the mute thing. Press that fancy little button next to the troll's nick and vl, everything's good again.

Though I'd be lonely while everyone chats with mics and I don't have one.
Well, actually, yeah a mute button could work, so maybe it's not that bad of an idea. But thre's still going to be trollers out there. Also, just to help you so you don't get warned by someone of power on the forums, Dogface, you should read the rules of a sub-forum. You're not supposed to post things in suggestions like,"I agree with your suggestion." Just some advice from me.
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but it would create a lot of lag and in some cases even crash the game

I'm no computer expert or anything, but I see no reason for it to lag.
Well i am sure if people really wanted this, Teamspeak is the way to go. Toribash is much of the game you'd chat in other than Text chat. I am more than welcome to let you use a TS server i own, But sadly i do not support this idea :/
Supported if there will be an option Voice chat X/O
and that it is automaticly off untill you turn it on.
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If you want voice chat then do what everyone else does - use a 3rd party app.

Waste of bandwith.

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