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Voice chat
I mean like wouldnt it be cool to use a mic ingame?
Like in other games you hold a button and while you hold it you can speak into your microphone and talk to the other players.
It would make the game alot funnier and for the ones spamming or better said screaming off your ears with their microphones there could be a massvote mute means the player would get muted for the room for like lets say a hour?
Dont know if it has been suggested yet so i think this would be very interesting.
If you have suggestions how to make this better or why this isnt good share them here.
I know SkulFuk has already mentioned that there's no need to vote anymore because he said hampa said he's planning to add voice chat to toribash. The thing is, I read all the posts in this thread and half of them say "I don't want voice chat because we'd have 5-10 year olds raging and swearing" when if they're to stupid to read the other posts and play other games outside of toribash they'd realize there is this thing called a "mute" button. Ever heard of it? My point is to all the people that read no other posts except the first one, GOD DAMNT THERE WILL BE A FREAKING MUTE BUTTON! If this is still being voted on I ~Support this.

These kinds of posts do exactly the thing you condemn and are exactly as useless. Let the mods deal with dupe posts, and if you find a post that breaks the rules, use the report button instead of posting in the thread.
Also there is no voting on any thread in this board. Read the rules, please.
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i suck
If there was some type of ingame push-to-talk system I wouldn't have so much trouble finding people to play with!