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Voice chat
I mean like wouldnt it be cool to use a mic ingame?
Like in other games you hold a button and while you hold it you can speak into your microphone and talk to the other players.
It would make the game alot funnier and for the ones spamming or better said screaming off your ears with their microphones there could be a massvote mute means the player would get muted for the room for like lets say a hour?
Dont know if it has been suggested yet so i think this would be very interesting.
If you have suggestions how to make this better or why this isnt good share them here.
You lot going to pay for the additional servers to have this? No? Didn't think so.

Not worth the money or time for the small amount of people who'd use it. Use a 3rd party app for it - just like people do for most other games on PC.

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Even tho i'd love to see this implemented i dont think it would ever happen..Reason is that it would be used instead of making the global announcement .Hence, Betting servers and such would be totally free.Then eventually most official servers would be left empty or very low on players because more and more people would be spamming invites to get others to join there betting servers and such.
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You can just make a room with a togglable /vc (voicechat) option with a public notification, but this can be highly annoying. Just yapping, screaming, and telling people lots of stressing stuff and problems. Use some kind of site like skype or voxli. I'd recommend skype, because voxli can show any kind of video. But yeah, not supported.
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well, you could use skype but not everyone has a skype.

Implying that the devs should make a whole ingame voice chat feature just because some players are to lazy to get skype?
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Well guys, first of all, I have Skype. It works good, but it lags so much. I own an Xbox and people just throw insults at me and put there mic in there mouth, I agree with the last posts. Im pretty sure that it's the right thing to do,
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You skipped over SkulFuk's post, he's right.

But if skype lags, there are other alternatives such as xfire (i think), steam, teamspeak, mumble, hell even google hangouts.
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In-Game Clan Chat
HEy so i want to know if we can add In Game Clan Chat so like there may be a server with lots of people in same Clan and you may talk. Im not Sure The command may be /CC Or /ClanC
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Not a relatively cheap thing to implement, and I'm sure it would cause all sorts problems with disrespectful users in crowded servers.

..Considering how many reports we get nowdays..

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I suggested a teamspeak server for Toribash and it got rejected.

There was toribash Teamspeak server. Wanna guess how many people actually used it?
maybe if there was a limit as to how long you could talk, then the bar would refil and you could talk again. saw a similar thing on a gmod server, it was actually not that bad.
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