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Belts (Wearable items)
So, as you know, the Karate belt system, for most of the belts anyways, is implemented into the game such as, White belt, Yellow belt, Orange belt, ect. The interesting thing that came into my mind, is why are our Toris' themselves not wearing the belt prescribed to them? It would be amazingly cool, excuse my lack of words to use for that, to have belts in-game, that go around your Toris' waist. For example, you are able to have a white belt, as default, when you create your Tori, you are able to deactivate and reactivate it on the forums and such, and once you become, say the next belt, the White belt is no longer wearable, and orange belt is purchaseable in the shop, market. When you reach custom belt, aka, 20k QI, you could be able to edit the belt as you please, designs, colors, ect. Prices on such items, I cannot currently provide, considering I'm not swell when it comes to implementing new items.
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However, I think you should be able to buy one single belt item for, say, 5000 tc, and it would auto match I your current belt. And when you reach master belt, your belt becomes a cobra-ish red, when reaching custom belt, it has a default color of red and white stripes, but you'd be able to buy belt gradients, a primary and a secondary, with your choice of colors, varying in price.
Supported us all I got to say also instead of just being a plain belt it could be a belt with those 2 extensions sticking out and as wesmeocks said 1 purchase you keep forever it automatically updates
If it is just going to be one purchase forever than I suggest it being a higher price such as 10k.
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Custom Belt could be a custom-made belt... as in a belt with a custom texture.

But yeah, it would kinda be weird to see tori's fighting with belts. Especially in mods like aikido where both tori's are hugging all of the time. It would just serve as another obstacle to hinder your view when trying to select a certain joint.

Of course, an /opt belt command could fix all of this but you have to wonder if the belts will be distractive enough to the point where people will always turn it off once they start up Toribash (people already do it for particles). If thats going to be the case, whats the point of implementing it in the first place?

Other than the whole blocking your view problem, I'm all for this suggestion.
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Maybe the belts could be like the hair? Like the part of the belt that sticks out/not around your waist would be swinging like the hair does, and you would buy the belts for Qi, not tc. Example: 20 Qi for white belt,etc. And maybe be able to put the belts in different locations? Like the arm, leg,around your head, etc

-White belt
-Yellow belt
-Orange belt
-Green belt
-Blue belt
-Brown belt
-Black belt
-1 stripe/black
-2 stripe/black
-3 stripe/black
-4 stripe/black
-5 stripe/black
-6 stripe/black
-7 stripe/black
-8 stripe/black
-9 stripe/black
-10 stripe/black
-Master belt/red
-Custom belt/ multicolored
-God belt/grey
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I support this, but I dont agree in the fact you have to buy the items from the market or shop. If you rank up, then your belt colour is automatically changed as it is something you achieved yourself. Also, when having the custome belt, it would be a good idea to put a price on it to add some luxury. Then again, the fact it blocks the user to see it is fairly a problem that could be dealt but I think that feature would look really nice when making replays or clan videos.
Completly support it (Y)
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Wait, where would your belt be on your body? Around the abs? Hips and glutes?
I was thinking, it may look funny if it were on your tori. Maybe it would be semi transparent or something?
Or maybe you could where it as a headband instead. It's just hard to imagine a tori with a belt on.