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texture registration megathread + slight change in art marketing rules proposal
i had an idea about making a new thread for people to "register" textures in when they sell them.

the thread would function something like this:

-someone wants to sell a texture/set

-they make a post in the new megathread containing all the information needed to sell a texture (+proof of the previous transaction if they aren't the artist)

-they make a thread in the art/textures market

-someone buys the texture(s)

-one of them makes a post in the megathread with the current owner name and proof of the transaction

-the op of the thread gets updated with all that info (the op would be sorted by artist names or something)

"what if someone doesn't register a texture?"

registering textures should be for your own protection firstly, the market squad should not support transactions of unregistered textures. if someone buys an unregistered texture they do it at their own risk.

i think this could be a great way to keep track of textures and possibly lessen the amount of scamming cases or the time it takes to deal with them. it's just one small extra step to selling textures that could make a lot of things much easier.

we would also lose the need for the "texture identification megathread" and everything would be more organized. the thread would need someone to manage it, which could be a new lmod-like position or just market squad members? obviously the idea has room for improvement but it's pretty simple as it is.
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i clicked on the thread ready to shoot this down but this is actually a great idea. shouldn't be too hard to manage or keep a handle on, and there's good incentive for players to use it
This would be really handy for a lot of reasons. Aside from everything stated above, it would also be a really nice tool for artists looking through what has already been done or for inspiration. Super supported.
This would create far less work for the people that manage stolen textures. I saw this a while ago and I'm really surprised there hasn't been any further action taken to make this a reality. This should also be for Flames aswell.
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Having a documented time of when a head texture is sold and how much a head texture sold for is going to bring down prices of all art that is registered making it harder for users to make profit in a already niche and dying market.
A way to possibly fix this would to be to have all the posts private but that would cause problems that the current ms couldn't support (mostly man power reasons).
Also I'm not seeing the point of this exactly it just adds another step to people selling textures they don't own, instead of making a thread now they post their fake evidence on one thread and then make another thread (which is easy to fake inspect element, outdated proof, ect). While it does give scammers one more step to take (might not as they would've probably shown fake evidence to people they're selling to) it also gives users another step to take while selling their art.
I believe this could have been a fine addition to the market if it came earlier when the market wasn't so starved and dry but if it were added now I'd think the affects I listed above would out weight the positives.
Also if anyone is actually suspicious of a possible texture ownership issue they can report the thread which (while it is less accurate) is much more simple than adding a whole new thread that market squad would have to monitor.
Guess I should address this
"if someone buys an unregistered texture they do it at their own risk."
I suggest leaving this out as some of the problems I stated above are fixed if this was removed and at least for some time after it's implementation it should remain optional as it would probably help more users if it weren't forced on the community.
Having a less official texture register thread would probably be the best way to go on this. Someone could probably make one on their own and if it proves useful it would get stickied similar to the active artists thread.
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