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[Underway]Achievement Overhaul
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I would like to suggest this because it's been bugging me.
The achievements are broken, they only work for belt's and full sets.
The rest of the things, like win 1000 akido games and so on, are broken, and do not work.

So I was thinking, why not integrate the achievments into the client? And have a little pop-up come up in the corner. Also, new achievements for beating the bot Uke, and winning your first game. I don't know how you guys will react but that's just what I think. ;)

Thanks for reading.
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And fix 'em all btw

Splitting achievements into categories is a nice idea. Also a unlock-counter (at the top of the achievement list) should count only always-getable achievements, that are in the first category. By this way, we will know that we can get dem 100% if we try hard
On my side I can clear out all the broken ones and hide ones that have "specific" requirements most people wont get.

The non hidden ones will be the ones that count towards %, hidden ones will only appear on accounts that have them.

Hardly an A+ solution, but better than a kick in the teeth.

Just make sure all the dead ones are listed.
(pretty sure there's more screwed up than listed in this thread)

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Here is a printscreen with all the achivements i know 100% that are working
3 have question mark because i am not 100% sure ( vip, acid bloods)
The blue ones are from past events and stuff that u can't get anymore

The unmarked one...Idk...They are all counting something....decaps counting, wushu matches, judo matches, etc all counting...
Is there a way to remove the reset timer on achivements? I beive that would fix them

The flowless victory, hitting air and rank achivements idk if they work...
Ask nr 1 rank this month...he should be able to tell you about ranked ones


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TBH I'm not sure about decap ones, they were working after the others died but there's been a few server moves since then so they might not be getting recorded correctly now. They did have a weekly reset on them.

The mod based ones will all be screwed, they not only look for a specific mod version (they're all outdated), they were all for specific static rooms and other things that just don't exist any more.

Rank based ones may or may not work - either way they use a ranking system that's several incarnations older than what we have now (it was the one where each belt had it's own ranks based on QI)
Seems the rank #1 achievement still works based on that old system. It says I'm 166 ranks from getting #1, and has you (Insanity) at needing 51 which would make it correct for custom belt QI sorting.

Win ratio ones should work...

It'd be so much easier if they weren't all hard coded. I should probably get my hands on the code for them and check it all manually.

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Wish i could help with coding but idk anything about that.

Decap - it would be nice to remove the timer... and maybe add 500 and 1000 decaps/career recorder in public, tourneys, ranked servers

Mod based - would be nice if someone remake them with more popular mods that are actually played by people ( if anybody has the time )

Rank dosen't work but it's counting something ( rank 1 this month for several days has no achivement for rank 1)
And if u get nr 1 rank the other should be unlocked because u should have passed through them...

I think u can loose the win ration ones since u can't achive them both...either u are very bad or very good but u only get one.
Also N00b luck could get deleted imo. I 4 example don't like achivements that become unobtainable if u pass black rising star. Achivements should be obtainable through your hole career.
Glass joe and hitting air and mod making one can be tested fast with a alt acc.
Booster one might be broken...The i need 98 more but i never had booster

And that's about it.
From what i noticed achivements come at 13.00 gmt 0 or something like that.

There ould be more achivements for toribash


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for new ones i would like to suggest achievements
for ninjutsu,lenshu,kickbox,parkour,spar and more
kinds of "endgame" achievements like an upgrade for
legend,10000,15000 and 20000 wins.

Also perhaps a god belt achievement for the few persistent
players who got it.

in the same thought,mod achievements but for
500 games.
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Bumping thread back up as a reminder since CL is almost done...

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nice one skulfuk,i was really looking forward to bump this x)

an achievement idea i had for some time now:

win a judo game with both wrists broken

if there is anything i can do to help,please let me know.
so,any news about this,any progress made?

just saw this in rapid threads:

meaning the achievements for these tests should be removed since there are no more tests to get them.
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I haven't forgot about this, just been incredibly busy IRL. Wont be long before I can get this started

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