room is online, the tourney will start in 10 minutes
well, i waited 20 minutes...
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I'm pretty sorry, tried to get that time but were to busy though :/
I'll organize it again, pretty sorry about that!
Can i get an invite?
I got a brown belt (near black)
I won a couple of tornaments
My favorite mods are judo and akido
I would want to join your clan because i didn't have any clans before
Waiting for a response ^_^
well for now it's a no sorry, sadly you didn't response and apart from that i got some awesome replays for you guys, i'll upload them later
Replay Thread
Im new wassup. My IRL name is Matt pleasure to join BOOM. I got some replays i would like to share and thought maybe a yall would too. feedback would be cool see yall in-game.
Application to join boom:

Name: SmallBowl
GMT: 0

Murcinary recommended that I should apply to the clan.
The mods I like playing are tk and boxshu (the wushu one)! But im open to play any really
Im 4th dan black belt.
Ive also seen quite a few members of this clan around and generally had decent games and got on well
Hey, guess im a member now, Ill see you all around in game
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hey mang, yeah what about the replays, haven't seen them yet, i can find em at the public replay thread, can't i?
Welcome to BOOM dawgs, we are pleased to have you all in our clan
Also small, everybody should have the privileges for a war
Oh alright, ill probably war some clans every now and then, then.

I will post here when im warring
Warring killing time (KT) /jo boom

Murci has the privileges to war, so he sent the request, weve just started so (0-0)
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