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Auction: Texture Set - Reverent

First of several sets to come.
Starting Bid: 7,000 TC
Minimum Raise: 100 TC
Buyout: 80,000 TC
-Ground and Trail textures are not included, but can be done to request.
-The winner of the auction will be able to request the addition of any logos or other simple markings to the set. (For free.)
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Starting 15k might be a bit excessive, as well as buyout of 80k. The highest autobuy is usually 40-50k for a full texture set. Starting bid should be more like 1k.

Nice set, though. Well done.
Omegear's aren't nearly as expensive, and are markedly better.

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Omegear's aren't nearly as expensive, and are markedly better.

0megear also uses the same texture on the whole body besides the head.
15k is a bit high, auctions are generally made to get rid of sets that didnt make the cut in a request..., it wasnt specialised to anyones requests and should therefor have atleast a low starting bid. if the bids get high, then lucky for you
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Well that's plenty enough comments on the bidding price to make a difference. Lowering it now.
I agree with xface on this one, 0megears may not be that high priced, and there is a reason for that.

Because of the quailty and ...stuff.