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[Readme] Want to learn about toribash?
You have the big opportunity to attend classes in the University of Toribash, a place were you can learn a lot about mods, like Judo, Wushu, Aikido, Taekkyon, etc. and improve your skills.
You can also learn art, modding, using the forum, Marketing, and everything that is related to Toribash.
This is a place were you can learn a lot!.

Unibash has the following sections
Art and Film
Clan and Market
Modding and Scripting

So if you want to learn art, click the art and film section and find a teacher, if you want to learn mods like wushu, aikido, etc, click the In-Game section and so.
Unibash also teach in different languages, like Spanish, english, portuguese, russian, german and others!
languages are separated by tags:
[ES] For Spanish [EN] For english [FR] for french [GER] for german etc.

So what are you waiting for?

Join unibash, and become a very good player!


~Unibash Staff.
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