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hi... my name is 12sea21 and im pretty good at jousting (streak 7)
... uhh... i wanted to ask 2 questions
1. what are TC points for?
2. how do you change back to original mod... (classic i think)
hey there welcome to toribash.

TC arent points they are a currency here in toribash for you to buy new itemsto change mods,go to single player and hold ctrl+m

i hope you enjoy your stay.
Who the bloody sig edited my fuck.
Seriously? Again?
wazzaaaap XP
wellcome to the toribash comunity! enjoy your stay dude
pm me if you need something(dont beg me for tc please lol)
ahh... thanks !
btw... how can you buy stuff? (with tc i think)
and how do you check how much uv got?
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Go here, that is the torishop, where you can see how many Tori Credits you have, and you can also buy things here.
and when ur buying stuffs , i refer to use deal finder
so u can get the item with lowest price
more help needed.. pls?
1. What is the emote?
2. how can u get the things on the "bones" that go from e.g. Brown (downwards) to white?
3. Qi is how many fights u had.. right?
kk heres your answers
1.emote is were ur toribash character(tori)(toribashian)says things instead of in the normal chat window type /em <your text here> to do that
2.SAY WHAT!?!?!?!
3.almost Qi is how many fights you have WON!