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Most Backflips
is there a backflip record cuz ive been looking for one and i havent been able to find it.
Do you mean, Most backflips in a certian time?

Or most backflips in one jump.

Or what?
He most likely means most backflips in one jump.
Which I made =D
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Most Flips without Uke's Assistance
June 9th, 2008
Count: 6
Mod: Classic

I know, this is flips, ot backflips, but this is probably to specific.
Thanks for the Avatar, MrAakash
Because 4 are most certainly possible.

As shown here.
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ok.... so no back flip record is going to be added on the official book?
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Right back at ya NutHug
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[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
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