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Your ankles point to the back of you when you start flipping but not when you end.

I was working off that as the definition of the backflip. The sole of my tori's feet was pointing up both at the start and end of my flipfest (when I left the floor, etc).
If you want to piss about it you could argue that the rotation center (the abs) is doing only 4.75 spins but since my Toribash is crashing all the time at the moment I can't say if I had 4 spins by the same logic.

I'd suggest to use his replay anyway if this became a official record. It has definately more flips.
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I second gubbin1 on that, looks like 5.
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isn't that basically tamer0's more power into the arms, wouldn't that be considered hacking?

Edits of people's replays are acceptable.
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Edits of people's replays are acceptable.

Not for a record.
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Not for a record.

But say the record could only be achieved by one method, it would be impossible to improve on that record without improving on the original method.
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'm just sad that I can't give myself one
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'd have a great time
Then you'd have a permanent record and eternal respect and a place in the record book I guess..
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