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Farthest accurate throw (4460)
Here are the rules for this record. You throw a body part as far as you can while still hitting Uke directly in the head without him moving. You are allowed to adjust Uke to keep him from falling over, but no major movements are allowed.

Here's mine, distance is 4460. I'm sure Patrick or CheZ or someone will beat it in 5 seconds.
Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
HOLY S*** THat was crazy... NICE 100000

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Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
Well, that was just about one of the coolest things ever.

Nice job!
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Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
omg! thats so nice and pretty and perfect throw!

sooooo nice!
Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
Wow Nice! Even if CheZ or Pat can be that, it'll be hard.
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Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
WOW. You're a beast
All knowing
Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
°.O W°W !!!!! :o :o :o love
Je fixe les gens mme lorsqu'ils s'en appercoivent...

Blame the fact that english is not my default language of communication...
Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
That was quite amazing! I loved it, good job! +'s karma
Re: Farthest accurate throw (4460)
Ok thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone.