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Highest falling without DM
Ok. Here is my uber(or not) falling.

DM =100
EH = 5500
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Actually Patrick's replay was made with 2.5 toribash so seems that it's not possible to see gravity. And actually physics is a bit different. Actually we can verify Patricks replay repeatinng his moves (grab em from < I am too lazy to check. As I know in 3+ Toribash versions Lumbar and ABS joints are "weaker".

What you have to do:
PHP Code:
Hold all
Raising Right Shoulder
Raising Left Shoulder
Extending Right Glute
Extending Left Glute        0    1000    0
Lowering Right Shoulder
Lowering Left Shoulder
Contracting Right Hip
Contracting Left Hip        0    442    0
Contracting Right Glute
Contracting Left Glute        0    432    0
Contracting Abs
Extending Right Hip
Extending Left Hip
Contracting Right Knee
Contracting Left Knee
Extending Right Ankle
Extending Left Ankle        0    428    0
Extending Right Pecs
Extending Left Pecs        0    426    0
Contracting Right Hip
Contracting Left Hip
Contracting Right Ankle
Contracting Left Ankle        0    416    50000
Contracting Right Elbow
Contracting Left Elbow
Extending Right Hip
Extending Left Hip        0    414    50000
Extending Abs
Raising Right Shoulder
Raising Left Shoulder        0    413    50000
Left Rotating Chest
Right Bending Lumbar
Extending Right Knee        0    412    50000
Extending Left Knee        0    403    65000
Contracting Abs
Contracting Right Hip
Contracting Left Hip
Contracting Right Knee
Contracting Left Knee        0    253 
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it appears that patricks methods were flawless.
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Originally Posted by Markmad View Post
DM =100
EH = 10000

That fall is from 5100, not 10000.