Valkyrie Wings + Red Submarine + Sapphire Misc (No force/Relax) + Shoveler's Shovel + Typhon Misc (No Force/Relax) + Viking Shield + Titan Misc (No Force/Relax) + All mana Items + Head Hunter's Strap + All Spawnable 128 Head texts + Flame: Diamond's hand + Cat Ears

I’m not in a rush to trade my full cyborg. I could care less if I trade it or not. I won’t really take anything less
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LMAOOOOOO smh you don't know how to make fair trades

That's a big no, i'll buy it from someone else

Lmao says the one that offered valk wings for full cyborg. Stop Wasting my time. Obviously someone needs to look a little more on the prices of shit they’re offering on. Goodluck finding Someone dumb enough to trade with you, stay off my thread and future threads please