Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Steam account atm: lizard_hunter15 (No I didn't come up with that name )

Playing only Counter Strike, also very rarely ricochet and day of defeat when I'm bored.
Whoop Whoop
my user name is grim038

game: team fortress 2 gmod and css

my nickname is irampageiix

because thats my xboxlive name XD
Steam username: newt385
Ingame nickname: Łămβέяŧ
Game: CS:S (only)
<Uke> OMG Newt...Guess what!
<Uke> Our Characters dont have penis's <Newt> OSHI---
steam name: XIongold(i share with him)
In game name: Xiongold or hopeman2
Games: Tf2!!!
TehCaek owns this acc! BWAHAHA!
my name is: skinna5

i play: TF2 gmod and a few more i canoot remember

and im normaly randomly active guys
i prepare the owned of this thread to put all the steam names given by ppls here
my steam name is