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Event Squad and co. are recruiting!

Event Squad and co. are actively recruiting again. We are looking for people that help us with mods, art and items for events but also for people that are hosting them.

Below you can find the positions we are looking to fill at the moment. If you are interested in any, read whats inside the corresponding spoiler below and apply !

Event Squad

Event Artist

Mod Squad

Item Forger

How to apply:
It's simple! Send your application to Lillian or any other Event Squad Member
In addition to that Item forger apps can also be sent to Goat
Include your GMT, any languages you are fluent in, and some examples of your work.
You might also want to check out Dargon's tutorial for applying to a staff position

We'll be actively looking for candidates for a few weeks, but we're always taking applications. We don't have a limit on how many people we're looking for.
Don't post "I applied" or "Good luck guys!" in this thread. Such posts may be subject to infractions.
Should you however have any more questions please feel free to ask them here !
thank u swosh
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Yeah you still get trained everytime you become trial but you might receive less training than someone who joined the staff for the first time since you already have past knowledge of what you need to do so it would it would take less time for you to relearn and be trained.

When I rejoined I got tested but not retrained, but Im pretty sure it would be treated case to case
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What are Ehotseats, and if I were to be a ES staff member; is it free to do In-game broadcast?
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