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Spiderman Miles Morales
I just began the game 3 days ago and i was looking for good textures like i saw in Concon videos, on characters with amazing textures. Because the merch in the shop is to expansive for a beginner i go on textures but i found nothing that amaze me.

And in this forum, there was a post 5 years ago from a man who mapped a spiderman head i found amazing but i can't have it.

So i tried to make my own and here is the result : (i want to say that i don't know how to draw and never use photoshop and these kind of template)


Sadly, i havn't enough TC to buy a 520x520 so here is a 128x128, but when i can, i'll post a screen of the 520x520

Maybe i'll do the body, but don't know what i need to do because there is so many texture in the shop ( torso, joint right forearm ...) and i don't know what is each thing, because i'm not english ^^

If u have some critics i'll take them <3
hey, man, you don't need to have a 512 or any other texture to see how your picture looks on it.
Go to the game folder -> custom
Here you have all the items and textures that are downloaded by your client.
Go to the "Hampa" folder and copy item.dat file to the "Uke" directory.
Now if you want to see your head texture or any other texture (biceps, triceps...) just save it there as a .tga format file to the "Uke" folder. For example
After that launch the game and go to free play.
Type in chat lp_1 uke and here you have your texture ingame. Remember that it won't change in realtime mode by itself so if you made a head texture, for example, worn it on, looked at it and changed something, then worn it on again now to see it in game you should write
lp_0 (that will clear the uke model)
and then lp_1 uke again

Notice, you can use ANY other folder, you can put your textures directly to Hampa folder or even create your own, just remember that it should have texture items on. You can change item.dat parameters by yourself it's not too difficult but I gave you the easiest way.
Remember there are even 1024x1024 textures in this game but only a few people have it, you can look for them if you want to.

As for me I use 3d layer and 3d mesh in Photoshop to see how my texture look on a sphere.
Hope it helps and keep on working on your future textures, buddy, making them is fun.
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I totally agree with hug, but to simplify it even further, I created a custom folder named a in the custom folder.
This is also the folder I put my textures in.

Copied the item data from someone who has 512 textures in there and then go ingame.
/opt tori 0 (to hide the player 0 that I can only see uke, /opt uke 0 to hide the other player and /opt uke 1 to show again)
then, /lp 1 a (1 refering to the player shown. 0 for tori)
a then grabs my custom folder and shows the textures.
to update I type in /lp 1 aa
if I then go in the chat box with enter and push the up arrow it shows the last message sent. pushing it twice gives me the /lp 1 a comment again.
so I just alternate between /lp 1 a and /lp 1 aa whenever I did changes ^^ (aa because it's just a character without textures, you can type in whatever you want, but for efficiency I usually choose something I can type really fast)

I bet you knew that already, but just to make sure ^^ maybe there's something helpful in there
also rather useful is the shader editor ctrl+h to create a shader that has good lighting conditions for the character.

As for the texture, I'm waiting to see it in full 512x512 glory first
I would suggest you try to connect the lines of the web to the eye patches, so it doesn't look like they're "just" put on there, but have some context
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