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How do I run?
Don't really know where to post this as I'm not really a begginner but how tf do I run? Are there different styles?
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I think there are countless toribash running tutorials on youtube. I think you should stick with those for now, and once you master the most basic runs, try and run in a more relaxed manner (relax knees and ankles, when you can), and adjust your balance as you go.

This video is the best if you want learning how to walk / move better. It is not easy but what is certain is that there aren't specific moves to walk. You have to understand the general method and know exactly how your tori works.
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Practice for endless amounts of hours, there's no sugar coat anwser for the matter with anything in realism replaymaking. Put down the time. Put down the effort, and ask people that know how to do it for tips, and again, suffer through the endless of times it won't work.