Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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For Valhalla!

Hail mortal! Only those deemed worthy can enter Valhalla. Fear not for you will hear the Valkyries cry as you enter my halls.

You will face your own Ragnarok.
Come, brave brother. Fight under the blazing sun!

Servers will be made public so all global rules apply.
You get one point in the scoreboard every time you place first in any in-game ES events during Viking month.
Scores will be counted after date of posting, previous ETourneys don't count towards the scoreboard.
No alt abuse. If 2 or more of your accounts are under the Top 5, only the lowest ranked one will receive a prize.

For the Top 5 in the scoreboard
A Viking item of their choice + 3x

For the Top 1
A Viking item of their choice + 5x

In addition to the above prizes, the Top 1 winner will also get to request and receive a custom texture for an existing Viking item!
See list of Viking items here.
The item may then be put into shop with a limited stock if we deem it to be good"
Tie-breakers will be conducted when needed.

August 31st 23:59 GMT+ 0

Scoreboard Natejas - 2 keap67 - 2 Goat - 1 Watermagic - 1 Kiriacid - 1 Updenso - 1 Woeb - 1 PavoR252 - 1 FistofLife - 1 Saturn - 1 Zero - 1 Cold - 1 Shade - 1 Zyns - 1 Weedguitar - 1 Sora - 1 kacperunio - 1 Dream - 1 Diamond - 1 NightFlow - 1 Velordrel - 1 xozu - 1 Dinis - 1 Titanflux - 1 Gang - 1 McFarbo - 1 3Tank2018 - 1
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