Market Squad Recruitment Drive
really good spinaroos at the start, i like it

you kinda slowed down a bit near the end and the decap kinda sucked, i assume this was done for the skeet which i understand. would be cool if you executed the skeet without sacrificing your flow
i feel like this replay is deticated to me lol

really good replay but as sslight said u get ur flow and nice spin then u slow down in the process
nothing else much to say nice decap and the skeet is neat
but i feel like you couldve done something more instead of going straight for the skeet
good replay though
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your movements are smooth just a little off compared to what most of the tricks should look like. either way, good job!
bad mannered
my nibbas BACK! A little slower than usual, but hey you're getting there!

-is me Manitoda