mmos are data driven so they aren't particularly hard to create, well apart from your server architecture...
<Faint> the rules have been stated quite clearly 3 times now from high staff
I could Make a game that got no limit and what i mean is earth and lots of cities and the solar system and so on . it got no limit . and the player can do whatever he wants like the normal world because it might be the first biggest game ever made inside Engines but this might happen in the future when the gb's go higher than Gta V you know what i mean.
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Without the "theft" part.

Like, you would still be allowed to steal - but the game doesn't revolve around the concept.

And "open world" based on the solar system.

but that'd be impossible to make.

literally, impossible.
I would make a game called "Hide from the giant" where like a big brontosaurs is trying to kill 24 peoble which are the civilians the civilians are in a city there are windows inside the houses where they can see the giant monster when a match starts the 24 players are in random houses they gotta survive in a certain amount of time the monster can also stomp on houses and if a player is inside the house the player dies the players can also go outside and go into another house and hide there
Picture this:

Skyrim + lord of the rings.

Same places, but all free roam. It doesn't need to have the same story as the books, they could think of a different story. I think that skyrim nailed the RPGs feel, and other games should adjust.


Skyrim + Harry Potter.

Same principal. Free roam around the school, learn magic, create your own new spells. You don't need to play as Harry. Heck, even if you went to one of the other schools (like durmstrang) that would be sick, even more creative freedom.
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